Is It Worth Developing For PS3? writes: The problems of the PS3 are multiple. It has a quirky new CPU architecture and a poor GPU which acts as a bottleneck, hobbling the capabilities of the machine. If this weren't enough there is the unavoidable fact that the PS3 isn't selling very well. We are in mid cycle now, the point at which sales volumes should be ramping up. And for the PS3, they aren't. The main reason for this is price, the PS3 is still vastly too expensive for the market and is cruelly exposed by the bargain that is the Xbox 360.

Sony are caught between a rock and a hard place. The PS3 design contained so many newly developed bits that it was, and remains, very expensive to manufacture. But Sony are not in good financial health so do not have the resources to subsidise a price reduction. Already they have lost billions on the PS3 project. It has proved to be probably the biggest loss maker in the history of video gaming.

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shocky163345d ago

You're not going to ignore 23 million gamers now are you? :)

chaosatom3345d ago (Edited 3345d ago )

yep, if developers start treating ps3 owners with the same respect as 360 owners then they could see a lot of profit coming their way.

I don't see why valve and square enix are so hooked on the 360 so much. It might be easier, but they could easily get help from Sony if they so desire.

By not developing for ps3, developers are only hurting their future sales. Ps3 is going to be here for a while.

Snoops the Sniggerin3345d ago

According to the Walrus that wrote this article,the Ps3 shouldn't have games.

It's a good thing that in the real world,his opinion is completely irrelevant.

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morganfell3345d ago

Poor GPU? You cannot examine a console GPU as if it exists in a vaccuum. You must consider the CPU to which it is mated.

BTW, on what console have the best looking titles appeared? That's right, istockanalyst is another know nothing blogger. Take a hike bruce.

Jamie Foxx3345d ago

damn where has that ugly man been hiding these days?

BubbleSystemSuck3345d ago

if doesnt worth it...

Why AGENT is an PS3 Exclusive?


Remember "GTA 5 as PS3 Exclusive" too?

MegaMohsi3345d ago

I hope you're only referring to exclusives even then so, MGS4 was at 4.5 when Konami announced sales last year, it has definitely eclipsed 5 million. Multi-plats such as GTA 4 and COD 4 have crossed 5 million on the PS3 and please tell me where you're getting the 17 million movie enthusiasts from or did you just pull that out of you a$$? Games sell on the PS3, they might not sell so front ended like the 360 exclusives but in the long run they end up selling well

gamerdude113345d ago

Somebody please take Bruce seriously so he stops writing these articles. It's the same pathetic misguided BS that he has always written.

MegaMohsi3345d ago (Edited 3345d ago )

Capcom, IW, Bethesda, Ubisoft (SC: Conviction is the only "exclusive"), SE, EA are all idiots? I think I'll take their word over yours thank you

sofresh2003345d ago

Another article that's full of fail.


Thats makes plenty of sense, since a game has to sell 5 million in order to be profitable. lol. 17 million bought it for blu-ray only lol, cracks me up.

Sony Rep3345d ago (Edited 3345d ago )

Oh. I see, You boast about exclusives like Splinter Cell (timed,) but we can't boast about third-party exclusives like FFXIV and the Agent? Not to mention all the other 360 "exclusives" jumping ship.


Darkeyes3345d ago

Move on guys, it's not even worth reading the article. I stopped at the 'Inferior GPU' part.. Yup, it might have some bottlenecks in performance, but am I the only one seeing vastly superior looking PS3 exclusive?
There ain't no bottlenecks when PS3 first party takes a project under their hands.

Is it worth developing games for a PS3... Well was it worth developing a game for the 360 a year back when it too was in it's 20 millions... Well yes so why complain now?

@chthulu... Well, so why has Rock* suddenly seen the PS3 as a better console to bring Agent to it huh? The same reason why SC is on the 360... M$ gave them money and Sony gave Rock* to make Agent an exclusive. Even if the game is ported and sells above 2 million, a developer always earns profit. No one has complained till Activision opened it's big drain. Even now no other developer is complaining.

Dragun6193345d ago (Edited 3345d ago )

lol, He said mid cycle. Everyone knows this cycle is just starting, I mean with the introduction of new Motion controls all consoles lifespan will probably last for the next 5 years.

Plus we all know PS3 has a 10 year cycle, just look at the PS2 its on its 9th year and Sony doesn't plan to drop it any time soon.

So with that said PS3 had a rough start just like PS2, but it will start to blossom when they announce the price cut and those Triple AAA games take over the Competition (Uncharted 2, Agent, Gran Turismo 5, God Of War 3, Final Fantasy Versus 13, M.A.G., Ratchet and Clank : A Crack in Time, etc.

This reminds me of time PS2 just came out and it was battling its spot against dreamcast. And how ppl complained ps2 to difficult to make games, its to expensive, its not selling well, not enough games, etc. The same case as the PS3. Now look at where the PS2 ended up, #1 sold console with the most and best games.

swiftshot933345d ago

Read the IGN preview of Splinter Cell. Ubisoft Montreal (the same team that is developing Assassin's Creed 2-where PS3 is the lead SKU) confirms that M$ signed a contract with them in 2007-when they were dominating.

ultimolu3345d ago

Do I even want to know who wrote this?
*clicks on article and sees a familiar face*

Yeah...I shouldn't have clicked on that link. Another flamebait article FTW!

ryuyasho3345d ago

Xbox 3+6=0 development only hurt the PS3 development and turn developers into cry babies.... *WAAAAAAAHH* WAAAAAAHHHH*. adding to that, it turn devs into lazy bums. "its so easy to develop for, we make no effort in making a good game, and it will sell" - they say. playing them like toys and the sad thing is that everyone who own the Xbox are the ones getting their wallets pwned by the lazy devs... people what do we do with the dead weight???

Why dis3345d ago

Ghostbuster devs didn't get this memo.

SaberEdge3345d ago (Edited 3345d ago )

"am I the only one seeing vastly superior looking PS3 exclusive"

The PS3 is a great console and I am glad I own one, but damn, some of you PS3 fanboys are truly delusional. Vastly superior looking PS3 exclusives? Give me a break.

Timesplitter143345d ago

is it worth writing for

Real Gambler3345d ago

This is a freakin stock analyst, and he comes with: "We are in MID cycle"... Wow, for sure I would not buy stock from this guy! PS3 and Wii are just slightly more than 2 years old! This is not MID cycle for sure. PS3 sold 20 millions consoles in 2 years. This is quite respectable sales!. I would truly like to smoke the same stuff this guy is! Maybe his business card is: "anal"yst after all.

Darkeyes3345d ago

Did I hit a nerve there Saber? Oh right Alan Wake and Splinter Cell look leagues better than UC2, KZ2, GOW3 according to you? Sorry the only people delusional here are 360 fanboys who just cannot agree that PS3 exclusives look better. Oh ya so now I have to wait for KZ3 to finally appease you.

TheBand1t3345d ago

From the front page that stack of coins looked like tater tots.

I am disappoint.

popup3345d ago

I like the first reply on the site itself. Nice one.

SaberEdge3345d ago

No, I just don't like people spewing nonsense. I play PS3 and 360 games all the time and there is no way in hell you are going to sit here and tell me that PS3 exclusives look "vastly superior".

At most you could say that 2 or 3 PS3 exclusives are arguably marginally better-looking than what we have seen on the 360 so far. But even that is debatable. On the other hand, the majority of PS3 exclusives unquestionably do not look any better than the better-looking games on the 360.

When graphics are as close as they are on the two consoles graphics are never much of a deciding factor on which games I choose to buy for the two consoles. What I care about is how good a game is. If it is a good game, do you think I care whether some other game looks marginally better? No. And if a mediocre game has great graphics, does that make it worth buying? Not for me.

gintoki7773345d ago

the only reason xbox 360 is selling so well is cheap and the hordes that come back to replace their console
OF couse parents would rather pick up a 360 and wii than a ps3
ps3 owners get to enjoy playing their consoles when playing them and not think about wether or not you will be able to finish or play a match then when you do get red ring thats when microsoft makes you just keep comin back(every month)

fishd3345d ago


Xbox 360 is Namco Bandai's worst performing platform

PS3 is the top revenue generator for Konami

Take-Two list the PlayStation 3 as its biggest revenue generator

Capcom to lean on Playstation 3 for software sales

Electronic Arts
Platform Net Revenue Mix (as a % of Net Revenue)
Q1 FY2009

EA's Q4 '08 Earnings report - .PDF

Page 12

EA's Q1 '09 Earnings report - .PDF

Page 11

Breakdown of Sales by platform

PS3 is UbiSoft's top sales generator for 2008

"It seems this may becoming trend, as UbiSoft is reporting a similar story. So far for the fiscal year of 2008, 21% of the publisher's sales have come from the PS3. Of the three home consoles, that is the largest percent, with Microsoft's XBox 360 trailing at 20% and the Wii at 15%. This is quite a mix up from the 2007 fiscal year, where the 360 actually had the highest amount of sales out of all platforms at 25%."

FY2009 Q1

PS3 57.3 %
PS2 11.5 %
Wii 9.9 %
360 2.6 %

DragonWarrior_43345d ago

Only great games on the ps3 thrive. If you produce crap then the answer to this dumb question is NO. Use common sense.

Genesis53345d ago

Is it worth reading bruceongames? Short answer. No.

Anon19743345d ago (Edited 3345d ago )

Oh, wait a minute. That never happened. Odd how the PS3 is allegedly not selling very well 2 1/2 years in at the 23 million mark and there was nothing wrong with the 360 2 1/2 years in with zero sales growth in the US and 19 million consoles sold.

Check your NPD data, folks. Between 2007 and 2008 in the US the 360 had stalled. Only the price cut saved them and no one was crying "The 360 needs a price cut or it's doooomed!"

Here's the PS3, sales still going strong despite the current economic situation, almost 4 million consoles more than the 360 had sold by this point and somehow it's on the edge of oblivion.

Are these guys seriously just morons? How is it there are so many articles completely overlooking the facts of the situation?

jcgamer3345d ago

It's the RETURN of the...
"Ah wait, no way, you're kidding
he didn't just say what I think he did...DID HE?"

He's Bruce Shady
yes he's the real Shady
all the other Bruce Shadys are just as irritating (lol)
so won't the real Bruce Shady
please SHUT UP, please SHUT UP, please SHUT UP

lol :)

Boody-Bandit3345d ago (Edited 3345d ago )

has been sitting at his keyboard day and night putting this little article of his together the minute he got done reading what Activision's CEO Bobby Kotick said. He probably got a chubby in the process.

Bruce is without question the most pathetic one sided journalist (<-I almost choke when I wrote that word) on the net writing articles about gaming. All this loser does is bash anything Sony and with twisted speculation while trying to pass it off as facts. I can't believe a guy of his maturity ( chronologically that is) sits around obsessing over Sony. What a sad, lonely and pathetic life he must live.

The saddest part is he probably lit a cigar and poured a glass of wine the minute he submitted it for print. Now he is sitting back with a big smile on his face thinking he actually accomplished something to be proud of. Sorry Brucie but people actually don't care about your opinion. Most took Bobby Kotick more serious then they do you and only a handful of people believed him.

JoySticksFTW3345d ago

That just gets me right there. It's damn hard to fit "proved" and "probably" into the same sentence and still have credibility like this writer does. Oh, wait... :)

Headshot813345d ago

take a look at Ucharted,LBP,MGS4, Killzone, GT5,God Of War 3, and re-ask himself the same question. If sony said that these were the last games they'll ever make, i'll be a happygamer. The best things in life don't come with a price tag,which in this case is a "gaming expirience!" And this article isn't about gaming, it's about $$$$$.

Oner3345d ago (Edited 3345d ago )

"It has PROVED to be PROBABLY the biggest loss maker in the history of video gaming."

@ JoySticksFTW ~ You can't be serious? Are you? Did this detached from reality old guy really say that in his article? Though I can't really say I doubt it as I cannot stand that F'ing tool.

onanie3344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )


Yes indeed, we are going to sit there and tell you that PS3 exclusives look vastly superior.

You are entitled to your own comparisons, but you are not fooling anyone.

Tarasque3344d ago

Who cares right, we have the best exclusive's anyways? Right? Right?

cherrypie3344d ago

After the first 10 months of the PS3's life, this was the story;

"At current rate, PS3 may sell less than GameCube"

To date in the PS3's life, this is the story;
"PlayStation 3 sells slower than ORIGINAL Xbox and just faster than Gamecube!"

"As for the PlayStation 3, Sony's latest console is now at 7,749,396 after 31 months on the US market. This is less than the original Xbox and only slightly larger than the GameCube in May 2004 (7,473,241). When compared to the PlayStation 2 it's an especially sorry sight, emphasising the need for a PS3 price-cut, which is expected in August."

Activision is considering dropping support in 2010.
Bruce on Games questions "is it worth Developing for PS3?"
Multiplatform comparisons are getting *worse* for the PS3.
For the last 7 months in a row, Year over Year sales have been in decline.

After a while, you PS3 owners need to accept reality: the PS3 is in a free-fall in the marketplace.

orange-skittle3344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )

WATCH THE PS3 FANBOYS COME OUT IN DROVES. Everytime there's a negative article about the PS3(which seems to a lot these days), fanboys come out and show their love for SONY by:

1.Discrediting the author

2.Fabricating BS numbers that are outdated or don't tell the whole story. They bring up stats that no one else(not even CEO's) have access to(sarcasm). They fail to mention that the 360 sold 2x more UFC copies than the PS3 since it's release last month, but say that the system is profitable.

3.Becoming experts in game developing by claiming that developers are too lazy to program for a sophisticated piece of hardware. As if they know the costs of programming for this hardware. How about the fact that the PS3 must install every game before being played while adding unnecessary MB to your HDD decreasing it's storage capacity.

4.Know what's best for the company by saying SONY needs to drop the price on a system that they are still losing money on, or justifying a ridiculous price point. Always talking about MS's RRoD because that is the only comeback they can muster up even though the new jasper motherboard has corrected that problem.

5.Blaming MS for buying, stealing, or giving kick backs to websites, studios, networks, magazines, and reporters. They make it easy to believe those early internet scams about MS giving away free money by forwarding emails.

6.Claim that everyone else is wrong and the system is really very easy to program for since they have programmed for the PS3 before everyone else has

7.Seem to pull out an exclusive list that isn't worth a cup of piss. The games didn't sell well or have no legs to stand alone for long. I wonder why people keep bringing up Killzone 2 and Resistance as if they sold well or were killer apps. Resistance did poorly and inFamous is selling better than Killzone 2, so explain why do these games keep getting brought up. KillZone 2 was supposed to rival Halo and failed ,iserably while others paired Resistance to Gears of War since they were released at the same time and we know how that ended. Both GoW and Halo hit 1 million sold within a week(Halo in 1 day) while KZ2 and Resistance still struggle to break 3 million combined. They bring up Uncharted as if people know what that is. Uncharted 2 is more popular than the first one and it hasn't come out yet. Please dont bring up Ratchet and Clank again, that is nothing to throw at 360 owners.

waltercross3344d ago

After you started talking about how your a Fanny pack
I Stopped reading your comment.

You my friend are a sorry sight for a gamer.

randomwiz3344d ago

Pulling out from developing for the ps3 is like shooting yourself in the foot, hoping that the bullet will go through and scratch sony.

All-33344d ago

And now things are getting even worse for Sony. Activision is the biggest game publisher and their boss is Bobby Kotick. He is not happy with the PS3: “I’m getting concerned about Sony; the PlayStation 3 is losing a bit of momentum and they don’t make it easy for me to support the platform. It’s expensive to develop for the console, and the Wii and the Xbox are just selling better. Games generate a better return on invested capital on the Xbox than on the PlayStation”. And this unhappiness becomes a threat: “They have to cut the price, because if they don’t, the attach rates are likely to slow. If we are being realistic, we might have to stop supporting Sony”.

In the real world very few games are actually developed for the PS3. They are mainly developed for the Xbox 360 and then converted to run on the PS3. So things are very bad when that conversion cost is becoming uneconomic.

* If money is a concern for 3rd party publishers... then this does matter --> to THEM...

--> Games generate a better return on invested capital on the Xbox than on the PlayStation”.

edgeofblade3344d ago

It depends. There is no quick answer to "it is worth it", despite what fanboys might say.

I haven't done the analysis, but, in general, if your breakeven point is higher than the sales of the best selling games on PS3... then no. If you only have to sell 500,000 to make a profit, then sure, go for it.

You do the math. You don't just go on your gut feeling (that's you, fanboys).

And, also note that third-parties and first-party have different aims. A first-party game can cost more than the revenue and STILL be worth it IF it moves the platform forward, being able to claim any knock-on purchases of third-party games that paid licensing fees. (For example, think of the Jillian Michaels fitness games in the shadow of Wii Fit.) But for third-party games, that's all they have... their sales.

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Fishy Fingers3345d ago

Old Brucey Boy is back with a vengence I see.

eagle213345d ago

To Bruce: PS3 owns you. And I'll forget your old butt when I'm playing Rockstars Agent, Final Fantasy XIV, God of War III, Versus XIII, etc. :)

TheColbertinator3345d ago

Hahahaha bruceongames is baaaaack!

user39158003344d ago

Third support development should all quit making sloppy seconds for the worst hardware in the history of video gaming the flopstation 3. Its not worth anything and jet they charge you everything. They should advertise the flop 3 as a dust magnet and it will probably sale better.

yoghurt3345d ago

Love these kind of articles with their 'facts' - that's about the only thing that's quirky.

'mid-cycle' - since when is 2 years old (UK) mid cycle, I think you'll find there is 3 more years until we hit mid-cycle?

'quirky new CPU architecture and a poor GPU which acts as a bottleneck, hobbling the capabilities of the machine' - yer, uncharted, KZ2, infamous, GT5, LBP, Ratchet, MGS4, Mstorm + more tell me otherwise.

'PS3 isn't selling very well' - need i remind you again, it is selling as quick (if not quicker) than the PS2, and it's most direct competitor the 360 in the same time frame.

Yes I agree a price drop would be nice for those who can't afford it as it is, but it HAS already dropped over £130 ($208) here in the UK since launch, that's not too shabby.

Please, get this [email protected] off N4G and make way for some real news.

CadDad3345d ago (Edited 3345d ago )

Bubbles. This article doesn't even try to hide the bias.


Jeff2573345d ago

I think he put mid cycle because the original xbox only lasted 4 years and he expects Sony to just dump the PS3 in another 2 or so. Anyway this article is full of fail. Only some delusional 360 fanboys would take him seriously.

lordgodalming3345d ago

Yes. And Capcom. And Konami.

swiftshot933345d ago

but we dont know if they make more profit. Unlikely PS3 since its more expensive to develop for. Although thats still no reason to abandon it. It all depends on your engineers really.

GiantEnemyCrab3345d ago

like swift said. these companies release their financial's and websites and fanboys run with them and make up whatever suits their fancy.

Don't believe that "makes more money on XXXX" at ALL.

lordgodalming3345d ago

Yes, why rely on hard published data when your own opinion is so much easier to believe?

sak5003345d ago

capcom and konami are supporting 360 more even when more revenue is by ps3 so imagine what other devs would think when they can't port properly the ps3 version and sales are abominal compared to 360. What would they do?

el zorro3345d ago (Edited 3345d ago )

Some game publishers have reported earning more revenue on the PS3 at PARTICULAR POINTS IN TIME, but they do not consistently earn more revenue on the PS3. This is a very common misunderstanding around these parts.

The 360 has been shown to provide the most consistent 3rd party revenue over time.

onanie3344d ago

It seems those "points in time" happen pretty frequently. Konami, namco bandai, take two, capcom, even EA reported higher earnings from PS3 than the 360. Maybe they were not the right "points in time"? LOL

cherrypie3344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )

"they make more revenue"

Ok. Enough of this latest SDF invention.

The Xbox 360 has an install base ~10M more than PS3.
The Xbox 360 has the highest attach rate in the history of conoles, something 8-9 IIRC.

Review game sales data from any source, the Xbox 360 mutli-plats outsell PS3 multiplats.
Xbox 360 exclusives vastly outsell PS3 exclusives.

The activision CEO just said -- THIS week FFS -- that "the return on investment" is higher on Xbox 360.

ON WHAT PLANET could what you people are suggesting POSSIBLY be accurate?

Smaller Install base? Check.
Fewer total game sales? Check.
Lower Return-on-Investment (quote from CEO of largest Game Company on the planet)? Check.

And the conclusion of the SDF on N4G? "OH, 3RD PARTIES ARE MAKING THE MOST MONEY ON PS3"

It is BEYOND reason to think that could possibly be accurate.

commodore643344d ago

yeah swiftshot has it nailed.

All the ps3 fanboys need to consider what that means for ps3 developers.

increased PS3 revenue =/= increased PS3 revenue.

waltercross3344d ago (Edited 3344d ago )

Don't you find it funny how even with PS3's smaller Install
base that many of these 3rd party companies are saying
how they make the most revenue on the PS3?.

Sony is Losing lots of money, Developers aren't.
PS3 Gamers are happy, This [email protected] some off.

Sony knows that Tech prices will go down because
well in this world time moves on.

People will twist this so much and act as if Sony's
PS3 isn't selling.

PS3: 2 years = 22 million
WII: 2 years = 50 million
360: 3 years = 30 million

Everybody knows the WII is selling, heck I'm picking
a WII up today my self, but what people are comparing
is the PS3 sales to the 360's.

so check this out, PS3 has 2 years on the market and
it sold 22 million, give or take.
The 360 has 3 years on the market and sold 30 million
give or take.

Lets be more precise for thoughs who don't see it.

PS3 24 months give or take on the market and sold
22.000.000 PS3s!. Thats about almost 1.000.000 PS3's
a month on average since it came out, this is on
top of it's high price range and hard to develop

Now the 360 was out about 36 months give or take and sold
about 30.000.000 360's, That's with the RROD
Issues and a cheaper price range through most of It's life.
I Always tell my friend: you get what you pay for.

So to sum it up that's 8.000.000 difference world wide.
In other words the 360 is only about 3 or 4 months
ahead of the PS3 when it comes to Install base and that's
with the 360's year head start.

Reason why people think the PS3 will fail is because
Sony is losing lots of money, But this is CALLED, and
I repeat read these words closely: "AN INVESTMENT".
Take customer service class and you'll learn all about this.

So Install base wise PS3 is doing better then the 360.

EDITED: Fixed some spelling errors.

commodore643344d ago

lol ooops...
increased PS3 revenue =/= increased ps3 profits


Anon19743344d ago

Increased sales, increased revenue and a profit decrease of 130% of the holiday season, 70% over the last two quarters since they cut the 360's price (which timed perfectly with the huge loss in profits - but I'm sure it's just coincidence, right?)

Now back to developers, I haven't seen a developer yet who gives a breakdown of profits per console, so really, revenue streams are all we have to go on. As the cost of developing games doesn't much differ from PS3 to 360, it's not a huge leap to assume that if the developers were making money off the 360 at the 2 1/2 year point when they had an install base of 19 million, they're probably making a bit more off the PS3 at 23 million consoles at it's 2 1/2 year mark. Aside from Gears and Halo alone, PS3 games are easily selling the same kind of numbers that the 360 did at the 2 1/2 year mark.

Really, this whole article misses one extremely important point. There's more 360's out there because it's been out longer. Anyone with a brain in their head knows that isn't a fault of poor sales, just of time. Except for this guy, of course.

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