Mass Effect Galaxy Quietly Delayed?

AppGamer writes "Earlier this month we brought word that Mass Effect Galaxy was confirmed for a release on the 22nd of June, that day is upon us and yet there is currently no sign of the game in the App Store. Previously we had seen, along with many other eager Mass Effect fans, that the official website over at EA Mobile had the date stated as being the 22nd however with no game in sight we headed back over their to find the date has since been removed..."

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shocky163340d ago

Then I realized it was just an app for the iPhone, oh well..

gaffyh3340d ago

Lol same here, I was like I never heard of this game before, why haven't I. And then I realised why, not to say iPhone games suck (they're awesome), just that they're not as highly anticipated as full-fledged titles are.

Cthulhu3340d ago

We only need a Mass Effect game for the DS and all the best gaming devices will be able to experience the awesomeness of this franchise.

iHEARTboobs3340d ago

So ME is coming to the PS3?

PS360WII3340d ago

:( I've been looking for it on the app store today too with no luck. Yet delays usually mean a better game... or at least better than what it was ^.-

Fishy Fingers3340d ago

Shame I was looking forward to a little Mass Effect on the throne :( Hopefully it's for good reason and they're making use of 3.0.

PS360WII3340d ago

I'd like to think 3.0 has something to do with it. I know Doom was suppose to be coming out around this time as well but no luck yet either ><

Fishy Fingers3340d ago

I guess I'd have to point my finger at 3.0 too. I'm hopeful Doom will make use of the peer 2 peer support.

Chrysis3340d ago

To be fair it's not like nobody knew 3.0 was coming. It's probably more an administrative or approval process thing :)

PS360WII3340d ago

and it's actually out now lol nothing like us impatient gamers...