IGN: DiRT 2 Hands-On (Wii)

Codemasters is rightly revered for its racing game record, but its efforts on the Wii have been a little slim to date. In fact, slim is a generous way of putting it – the resoundingly average Emergency Mayhem aside, the UK studio has yet to apply its racing talents to Nintendo's all-conquering console. That's all about to change later this year with a two-pronged attack in the shape of DiRT 2 and F1 2009.

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SinnedNogara3380d ago

No online???? Not again!!

SpoonyRedMage3380d ago

That's depressing, I know Ninty's online isn't great but they could quite easily put a Peer 2 Peer online.

TriforceLightning3380d ago

Game looks great. Realistic was the best way to go IMO. No online is a big problem.

N4g_null3380d ago

Sweet is has local co op. Looks pretty fun I'm wondering if it will have motion plus controls as an option?