GTA: CTW Appeal to the PSP crowd?

Examiner: "With a different graphical presentation and gameplay orientation, will PSP gamers want to play this GTA? "

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DragonWarrior_43342d ago

I dont know how they are gonna beable to do chinatown without the stylus? That was one of the coolest features when you can hot wire cars and tattoo with it. Even if the graphics are better I would rather play the DS version.

RememberThe3573342d ago

All the other PSP GTA's did great. This will be no different.

TheColbertinator3342d ago

I played GTA:Chinatown Wars on DS and I thought it was brilliant.I would not mind buying it for PSP.

Fishy Fingers3342d ago

Strange article, obviously lacking content. The pervious PSP GTA titles were hugely successful, why would this be any different. In fact if you trace back to the original announcement many people were commenting on how much they'd like a PSP version.

SpoonyRedMage3342d ago

They were on about a more PS2-style one. A San Andreas Stories game more than what Chinatown Wars is. I predict it will do well, but I don't know if it will do AS well as the other PSP GTAs.

It was truly tragic what happened with the DS versions sales, KH 358/2 Days has nearly equalled it(if not surpassed it) and it's only available in Japan!