Tekken 6 Release and Pre-Order Details Announced writes: "Planning on picking up Tekken 6 when it comes out on October 27th? If so, you may want to check out the new pre-order bundle that Namco Bandai announced today. The Wireless Fight Stick Bundle will include, you guessed it, the wireless 'fight stick'. In addition, GameStop pre-order customers will get a calendar as well as some exclusive Penny Arcade webcomic stuff. The bundle sells for $149 dollars..."

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La Chance3316d ago

Going head to head with Forza ?

Forza 3 for me!

Thoreau3316d ago

i have played tekken6br only a few times and i must say i am worried about the series direction. the game feels very toned down in terms of gameplay. every character now has 10 frame jabs. some character's moves have been toned down while others have been toned up(fox's bound counter hit f,f, 2). they left the two best features of the tekken series in the past(tag and t4 wall shove and stage design.)

air13316d ago

i been worried about fighting games period lately. i mean they offer so little, why do fighting games have to have such cookie cutter stories?!

when is fighting games going to evolve? they all have a stupid 2 min ending for each fighter. when are we going to get a real fighting game, instead of the typical branch fighting system, you pick a fighter and fight like 8 or 9 ppl then the end. why not make it like what mk tried to do i forgot what part it was but it had a quest in it.

i guess what im trying to saying is that they should turn fighting games into a quest, you know you get put say on an island and you see this huge arena far away what you have to do is get their by walking to it but along the way you fight ppl that for what ever reason wanna fight and as you kick as$ you level up and unlock moves that would be crucial to know by the time you get to the arena for the first real fight. then you can have other places like having to get to the top of a mountain etc.

it sounds way better in my head, all i know is that they need to start doing a litte more then some damn pick a fighter fight 8 ppl and do it again with some one else...

belal3309d ago

tekken has a bigger fanbase tahn forza i think, and maaaany peoples will buy this game, japan mainly but europe and usa too, while forza will sell good in usa the game wont sell so good in japan compared to tekken 6. and europe, yeah it will sell good in europe, but so will tekken 6.