Prototype or inFAMOUS

When everyone got wind of inFAMOUS and Prototype, everybody wondered the same thing. Which will be better and why are they coming out at about the same time? can't answer the second part of that question, but they can try to help you decide the first part with a few words organized by paragraphs and a video. Let us begin.

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Gue13375d ago (Edited 3375d ago )

open world game with "close combat" and bad graphics ([Prototype])


open world with "long range combat" and good graphics (inFamous)

rucky3375d ago

I have a PS3 so i'll take both pls

el zorro3375d ago

Infamous is a good game, but it definitely doesn't have good graphics. Assassin's Creed looks better by far.

dustgavin3375d ago (Edited 3375d ago )

Infamous looks much better than Assassin's Creed. Plus, Ps3 owners are able to enjoy this AND Prototype. Pretty sweet deal.

Nelson M3375d ago

And both are Good Games
Well one's great Actually
But its inFamous all day long for me

rickyjb233375d ago

i realy dont see the point of compearing these games but decent article

chaosatom3375d ago (Edited 3375d ago )

I just don't have the time to rent Prototype. I didn't even have time to rent RE5 :(

But yeah, enough with this articles. I don't think anybody's confused.

shocky163375d ago

Who cares?

there both great and I get too enjoy both on the PS3. :)

Nick2120043375d ago (Edited 3375d ago )

They are both great titles and every gamer should check them out, but for the people who do not have the time and money for both games, this helps them decide which game to roll with.

RememberThe3573375d ago

After playing Infamous, I couldn't play Prototype for more then 20 minutes. Infamous looks, plays, and is all around a much better game. It sucks too because I was really looking forward to Prototype. It just didn't live up to my expectations.

Cthulhu3375d ago (Edited 3375d ago )

Neither; get CRACKDOWN, the game that inspired those uninspired copies.

The_Count3375d ago

Infamous because I can count all 350 blast shards I collected. And a platinum trophy.

Ah ah ah

MisterNiwa3375d ago

Because i like a decent story, not a massacre.

silvacrest3375d ago

crackdown inspired GTA even though GTA came out long before crackdown
and guess what? open world games exsisted before crackdown too

so did guns, sensing a pattern

SupaPlaya3375d ago

Don't forget hot coffee!

jadenkorri3375d ago

So who's bigger, Cole or Alex?... we've already compared everything else, there's not much left to compare...

Played/Playing both, Finished infamous and now on prototype... And I'll tell you that they are both great games, comparing is fanboy crap which i hope goes away. Despite them being open world games, both games are completely different.

tuglu_pati3375d ago

Infamous, no doubt, Prototype is a piece of crap.

Jaces3375d ago

That's easy.

If you have both systems, then guessed it, both!

It's not like 360 only owners have a choice but if you had the PS3 and were deciding, I'd say it all depends on what you like. Ultimate destruction, badass transforming weapons, lame story, short, replayability moderate, and...well pretty much destroying whatever is in site, then Prototype is for you.

If you want an involving and deep story, good and evil choices, replayability high, wicked electrical powers, platforming, then inFamous is the way to go.

Either way it's a win win.

Silver3603375d ago

prototype has way more weapons including guns and rocket launchers. You can hijack tanks and helicopters. Impersonate people and kick butt. inFamous you can't climb a fence or shoot through one and die in water. I say inFamous has a story that is easier to follow. If you can't follow the story in prototype well get your teacher or somebody smart to help you. That said both games are decent, but neither deserved a second play through weak Cole or boring missions with Alex, once is enough for both.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3375d ago

You get to play both! Myself, like other PS3 owners, aren't obsessed with debating witch game is better because we can play both. 360 only owners on the other hand, feel the need to justify their decision of not buying a PS3, by bashing inFAMOUS.

BTW I've beat both and definitely inFAMOUS > Prototype

Syronicus3374d ago

inFAMOUS was a must buy title for me. I started playing it and could not put it down until it was done and what a ride it was. Great game. As for Prototype... I sent that back to Gamefly already. Just not as impressed and could not bring myself to even bother finishing the story.

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Christopher3375d ago

Whether you get one now and the other later or both later or both now, they both deserve to be played and enjoyed for what they are.

LinuxGuru3375d ago

That statement should be applied to most games.

DNAgent3375d ago

This article is about choosing the best, not the worst.

GiantEnemyCrab3375d ago (Edited 3375d ago )

I agree with you Steven, Crackdown gets my vote easily. Vehicles that get super powers as well as the main character = win!

However, if I had to chose between the 2 I would go with inFAMOUS. I liked Protoype but just felt it lacked some of the polish and simplicity that I found appealing in iF.

XxBarretxX3375d ago

infamous>crackdown>proto type

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