Gamertell Preview: Steambot Chronicles: Battle Tournament for PSP

From the preview, "I'd never had the opportunity to play Irem and Atlus' PS2 Steambot Chronicles, but had heard good things. So when given the chance to test drive the portable Steambot Chronicles: Battle Tournament, I looked forward to an interesting experience.

Adventures in Orion City began after I'd named my character and Trotmobile. (I went with Jenni for me and Shiva for my Trotmobile.) The game begins dark, with a sailor telling you to wake up and arrive. Immediately I was given the opportunity to choose how to react to the announcement. After asking for a few more minutes to sleep, I was informed that we're in Orion City and it's time to get off the ship!

Right away, familiar voices greeted me. Laura Bailey (Rise from Persona 4) voices the female heroine, and Tracey Rooney (Chie from Persona 4) provides the voice for your personal mechanic Venus..."

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