LVLONE's First Look: Lost Planet 2 Xbox 360 / PS3

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition back in January 2007 brought us a new IP from Capcom. It gave us a fresh experience from third person shooters; Being able to control mech's and vehicles alike to take down the enemy in the games ice age conditions. Thats why consumers will be eager to get they're hands on Lost Planet 2 and is easily becoming one of the most anticipated games in the office this year. Everything you can expect from the first game is back along with some groundbreaking features such as the the 4 player co-op play...

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AKNAA3316d ago

makes the first lost planet seem like it was released on the PS2.

FamilyGuy3316d ago

Looks miles better, and 4 player co-op is a huge selling point.

I'm liking the new Ips, it's good that some devs studios are starting new IPs this gen instead of ONLY releasing sequels.