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Jamie Foxx3311d ago

im excited by anything to do with media molecule

GWAVE3311d ago

Heck yeah! Media Molecule delivered one of the best games of 2008, and even of this generation so far. I'm eager to see what they have to offer next. They've definitely proven themselves so far.

Sony Rep3311d ago

It will be a killer app.

thePatriot3311d ago

thats just something sony rep would say
when they look back at the birth of user generated content in videogames they will point at spore and LBP If these guys pull out another AAA groundbreaking game I will put them up with Hide - Wright and rest of the gang. Im kinda glad that they are known as Media Molecule then have just one guy taking all the glory.

gaffyh3311d ago

@1.3 - yeah i agree in most cases a single person isnt responsible for a great game, it depends on the entire team

locos853311d ago

I applied..... I hope I get the job.

Freak of Nature3311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

You applied? Why you got disagrees,I am not sure,but.....

Let me tell you, I have been in the design/modeling/texturing biz for motion pictures,game cinematics, and some in game art for 20 years now.

I now own my own studio,a hired gun outfit (freelance),we get hired on all sorts of jobs that fit our style and creativity,usually high end hi rez work,and mainly design.

But if their was any company that I would actually want to work for on a regular basis it would be either Media Molecule or Oddworld inhabitants...

I was told about some extra talent they were looking for at E3,Art related,and have been pretty tempted to turn in my reel/portfolio...

I wish you luck.....

As for the news of anything new on LBP or for anything related to Media Molecule I can only see as "fantastic" news...

eagle213311d ago

Like you guys said, it could use Sony's new controller. I bet it's in full 3D. :p

Freak of Nature3311d ago

I can see this for sure....As long as they keep that stylish,quirky creativity and innovate,which we all pretty much know they will...

New game mechanics like that "melting" gun Alex Evans mentioned in an interview a while back,and real World "fluid physics",environment effects, to name a few....

I would be willing to bet the farm,that this game with that extra backing,and expreience they now have will be astounding,a real classic in the making...

RememberThe3573311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

Unless your Hideo Kojima. Then it's all you. Remember thats why MGS:Raiden is going to suck. lol

On topic: I could get into LBP, but I respect what they did and i can't wait to see what they're up to now.

Tarasque3311d ago

Well hopefully it will be more groundbreaking than a 3d side scroller with a level editor.

gaffyh3311d ago

Well MGS: Raiden will have Kojima involvement now, but the difference with Kojima is that he is responsible for the story of the game. Without him, the game would suck (because he has been involved in the entire story of MGS). The way MGS4 looks on the other hand is a testament to his team.

Beast_Master3311d ago

[email protected] all the trolls here (Tarasque)!

But anyway, here comes powerup boxes, paint guns and even more insane cars and toys.

Utalkin2me3311d ago

Hmmmm.....He voiced his opinion on the article that is not trolling.

menoyou3311d ago

oh lord i just wet myself. this is amazing news. media molecule is amazing.

Beast_Master3311d ago

Oh maybe we have differing def, of Trolls. Personally I don't comment on 360 games. So you can try to find me make comments in articles about Splinter Cell, L4D2, or Developers like Bungie or Rare, but you won't unless they are specifically related to PS3, like "L4D2 coming to PS3" obviously wouldn't count. In fact I never even check the 360 tab bc I don't care about the 360. I don't look for articles that are no where near related to the consoles I own. The only point in doing that is to be a prick, and to waste peoples time commenting on games they will never own.

sniper-squeak3311d ago

all these new exclusives for Sony that will be the new "platform exclusives" to take over old ones like FF and MGS...


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doctorstrange3311d ago

btw MM aren't making LBP PSP, sony's oxford studio is, and MM are helping

TOO PAWNED3311d ago

oxford, lol. When uneducated wants to teach

snipermk03311d ago

Like yourself you mean?

SuperM3311d ago

I think you are refering to sony Cambridge.

PotNoodle3311d ago

To be unveiled E3 2010!

Freak of Nature3311d ago

Lets hope for a teaser at TGS,for that matter,while we are in "wish mode",lets hope for a full blown unveiling at TGS....

DFogz3311d ago

Awesome title for a game! If they are making LBP2 they should call it LittleBigUniverse instead, that sounds so much cooler.

Raf1k13311d ago

yeh but it also needs to be relevant to the game.

i think LittleBigGalaxy could work if they allocate a planet for each player to create a whole world with your own custom continents each with their own levels.

This would allow players not to just create single levels but their own LittleBig game if they wanted.

gaffyh3311d ago

LittleBigGalaxy seems like a natural evolution for the name, BUT Super Mario Galaxy sounds too similar, which is why Sony probably wouldn't want to use that name.

likedamaster3311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

Yeah, especially after that hardcore AAA, blockbuster, system-seller masterpiece of a game that LBP was.

Tarasque3311d ago


It is not really necessary to break stat sheets out is it.

silvacrest3311d ago

hardcore? what are you talking about? AAA? you got that right
system seller? why does it need to move consoles? cant it just be a good game?

masterpiece of a game? two for two, shame about the rest

TresTrendu3311d ago

I will give you the 1 out of the 4 that is it. Was not a blockbuster we can go by sales. It is not near being a hardcore game. AAA this is opinion at best, you might think it was a AAA game but i don't think so, so we should use sales again for that. If you want to say masterpiece that is fine another opinionated statement, but i don think so.

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