First Empire: Total War DLC releases today on Steam

Sega has announced that the first downloadable content for Empire: Total War will be available today on Steam.

"Featuring 14 new unit types for different playable factions, this downloadable content will add an extra layer to the already in-depth offering that is Empire: Total War." said Mark O'Connell, Empire: Total War community manager.

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Gish3376d ago

I couldn't resist buying this at half off on steam over the weekend. Although my computer cant run it well enough to actually play it... The sea battles are extra rough for me. I have a 2.4 ghz Athlon with 2 gigs ram with x850 radeon. While I know that all needs to be upgraded, I am wondering what is the biggest bottleneck for me at this point.

TheIneffableBob3376d ago

For this game, your CPU is what's mostly holding you back, but the GPU is a very close second.

Gish3376d ago

I saw some motherboards with some pretty stout video chips integrated into the MB. Would that be a smart way to go? Recession does not give much to upgrading everything right now... Any ideas to get me by?

Muff1nB4k3r3376d ago

What settins do you have on? Right now I managed to hook up a random ati 2600 pro card to my motherboard and it's assisted by my Q6600 and 3gbs of ram on vista. I think a 2600 might be right for you, no need for extra power hookups etc etc, just plug and play. I get medium settins with no slow down unless every unit decides to engage at the same time.

Best of luck, and I might see you online

TheIneffableBob3376d ago

Those motherboards with integrated chips are meant for playing HD videos, not gaming. They're slower than your X850.

If you have around $500 to spend, take a look at this.

evrfighter3376d ago (Edited 3376d ago )

depending on your socket type your most likey looking at upgrading all the guts in your tower. You've got an old school gaming rig and more than likely a PSU not powerful enough to handle todays mid/high end cards. here's quick suggetions if your goin the AMD/ATI route.

Mobo (am2/am2+, 790 chipset, any brand with a good warranty, you can find good quality boards cheap)
CPU (quad core isn't a necessity yet, the newer x2's are enough and cheap, they'll serve as a placeholder if you get an am2+ board then you can upgrade to quad core when the time is right for you)
GPU (hd4850's are hovering around $100)
PSU (anything over 600w 80 plus bronze should be enough for the next 2-3 years)
possibly RAM if you don't already have DDR2 (4gb ddr2 800 are usually around 50ish

Gish3375d ago

Wow. great recommendations. I have been sluggish on upgrading my comp for the past few years. I had been using my PS3 to fill my gaming needs but consoles dont hold a candle to Total war on the PC. I have a 400w power supply. Was hoping a good video upgrade would be an easy fix but i do think that its an aging system, so a MB upgrade is probably due. Of course that means processor and ram upgrade at the same time... ugh. Trying to dig myself out of debt, not get deeper.

On the bright side. This update also gave performance gains which does make it playable now at even the medium settings. I would love to know what it looks like in all its high rez glory.

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WeeMadBadger3376d ago

hmm... I wanted to try it and then maybe buy it, but I could get it running; it would just crash :S

I'm not a great fan of historical RTS games (I prefer sci-fi or ancient history), but this looks interesting. Maybe I'll give it a try once I upgrade my PC.

BackDoorMoi3376d ago

A lot time been waiting for this, finally i got it now with the 50% off on Steam, the problem is that this game takes some time to download (15g+). With my internet been ADLS 512k/s, it's gonna take 4 days more or less for me to play this baby. But anyway is a big deal, can't wait.