Capcom: We won't stop supporting PlayStation

Gamezine: 'There's no chance of Capcom pulling out of PlayStation 3 and PSP support.

Activision's threat against Sony seems to have worried a few PlayStation gamers, prompting the need to ask other publishers on their support for Sony's platforms.

One fellow asked Capcom about whether they would stop supporting PlayStation platforms on the US PlayStation Blog, to which the company's community manager Shawn Baxter replied...'

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LarVanian3317d ago (Edited 3317d ago )

I think that statement should have said
""""Activ ision's threat against Sony seems to have worried a few Gutiar Hero and COD gamers who own PS3s""""

Nobody else honestly cares.

Christopher3317d ago

I'd say I could be added to that list for Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2, but I'm fairly certain-99%-that Activision won't stop porting their games to the PS3.

Lifendz3317d ago

I just want Modern Warfare 2. I know I know...most of you don't care about it or think Battlefield 2 is going to be better anyway but I loved COD4 and have been looking forward to it's sequel since it was first announced.

Activision can withhold every other IP for all I care. Just give me Modern Warfare 2.

TOO PAWNED3317d ago

Actually it should go like this "Activision's threat against Sony seems to have made Playstation fans chuckle"

OmarJA3317d ago

Just an empty threats don't worry about it...

Especially when the PS3 & the PS brand are the biggest income for the biggest developers & publishers including EA, 2K & even Activision.

Boody-Bandit3317d ago

I rolled me eyes and moved on to the next article.
If anything I felt embarrassed for Activision employees and their share holders after that ridiculous statement from their CEO.

I honestly don't know anyone that took it seriously except, well you know.

StanLee3317d ago

I agree with you. It was an embarrassing statement to make especially given how hollow it is. But knowing Bobby Kotick, he's such an arrogant prick to make such a statement, he's arrogant enough to do it just to show everyone he isn't bluffing.

Jecht3317d ago

I haven't seen a single person, from Sony right down to PS3 gamers (not trolling fanboys masquerading as PS3 gamers) who is genuinely concerned by Activision's lame bluff of a threat. Since this story came out, I've seen Activision called out to actually do it, I've seen them laughed at, but I haven't seen anyone actually concerned by this. Because no one really cares.

ultimolu3317d ago

Lol, I could care less.

Thank you Capcom. Now could you please work on a new Onimusha? I miss Samanosuke. :(

iamtehpwn3317d ago

RE5 PS3 even out sold the 360 version which they appeared to market more.

likedamaster3317d ago (Edited 3317d ago )

More cutscene than gameplay FTW! Oh, wait...

Oni:DOD, you want to finish it for me? I'd rather play DMC3/4.

on topic/
Both Capcom and Activision make great games. It would be a loss for sony if Acti decides to leave.

Tony P3317d ago

Well, duh. Activision isn't Capcom.

ThatCanadianGuy3317d ago

Interesting how this comes up..

Just the other day Gamesblow (However credible he may be)
Was talking about a contract between Capcom and Sony for exclusives.


FamilyGuy3317d ago

Spot on.

I don't play those games so I couldn't care less. A bad bluff, i wonder if that guy is gonna get demoted for saying that...

wUTTer3317d ago

Couldn't have said any better.

evildeli3317d ago

haha. It's such an empty threat. They clear did it to cover Terminal Reality's obvious Ghostbusters blunder.

DaTruth3317d ago

I think they're also mad cause Infamous 1up'd Prototype! Is any PS3 gamer going to pass up Infamous for Prototype? The only PS3 gamer who will buy Prototype is the one who bought both and the one that didn't know Infamous existed!

beavis4play3316d ago

which ps3 gamers are "worried"? i haven't seen any posts to indicate this stance.
we all seem to have the same attitude: "fu#k activision!"

Narutone663316d ago

Activision *Clint Eastwood voice* "Go on punk, I dare you, make my day". ;)

RumbleFish3316d ago (Edited 3316d ago )

I think everybody with a brain and/or who took a minute time to calculate the loss of sales Activision would make taking that step, would have recognized this so called threat as humbug!

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Jamie Foxx3317d ago (Edited 3317d ago )

thats what you would like to think, apart from cod they have nothing worth getting excited about

RememberThe3573317d ago

EA has more games I'm looking forward to. Activision has MW2.

mfwahwah3317d ago

And it's not like they'll cancel MW2 for PS3. That game could come out on the Dreamcast and still sell a million copies.

TheReaper423316d ago (Edited 3316d ago )

I'm going to break it down like this

PS3 owners:

20% multiplatform + 1st party games
75% 1st party games + blu ray + psn(don't care much about multiplats.)
5% blu ray + psn games

Stryfeno23317d ago

Ps3 gamers seems to be worried about Activision threat. I don't think Capcom will stop supporting any platform.

MGOelite3317d ago

how are ps3 fans worried when its capcom making the statement? my god you are retarded

-x.Red.x-3317d ago (Edited 3317d ago )

So only one gamer speaks for all of ps3 owners?

If that's the case good thing I'm not on XBL.

OmarJA3317d ago

Patchstation 3 is one of these guys who spent most of his time in the bending news section cause he's feeling insecure & wishing that Activision will drop the PS3 support.

user39158003317d ago (Edited 3317d ago )

They should have pull the plug on that crap 6 month after it came out. When most people with some knowledge of the architecture knew that the Flopstation 3 was nothing more than an inferior system capable of Wii performance and slightly more. Obsolete hardware gives the developers a scared and start to run from the hill, watch out here it comes the flopstation run for your lifes.

What a waste of plastic and to think that in another year will see millions of that junk in the land fields, its bad for the environment I tell you.

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SpoonyRedMage3317d ago

Of course Capcom wouldn't. Capcom is one the best run companies out there in my opinion, they know it's not worth it.

MegaMohsi3317d ago

Activision will not stop PS support period, it's pretty much an empty threat.

mfwahwah3317d ago

Sony should stop their Activision support. Say "If you don't appreciate our console then gtfo."

SuperM3317d ago

yea lol.. i would love to see that. Suddenly Activision lose a large amount of their income and Bobby Kotick cries in the corner wishing that he never opened his co<ky mouth.