iTWire E3 Sony - God of War III could only have been done on PS3

iTWire spoke to Michael Ephraim, Chief Executive, Sony Computer Entertainment Australia and New Zealand in reaction to the Sony E3 announcements. He talked about the new PlayStation Portable support, how surprised he – like many - was about Final Fantasy XIV and how God of War III can only be done on the PlayStation 3.

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Jamie Foxx3382d ago (Edited 3382d ago )

'could have only been done on'statements. games like kz2 and uncharted 2 have produced graphics umatched by other consoles but i dont need to hear that statement constantly we are intelligent enough to make up our minds.

so instead of all this 'only can be done on' lets see some actual marketing of high profile games which deserve 'microsoft style marketing' and not do injustice to graphical powerhouses like kz2

wiggles3382d ago

Yeah, I agree. And this is hardly news, of course the guy will say that it can only be done on PS3 because he works for Sony. I love my PS3, but articles like this hardly qualify as news.

OmarJA3382d ago

Well it makes more sense when you compare the PS3's exclusives with other consoles.

Mu5afir3382d ago

Why? Because people buy a system to play games that can only be played on a certain system. People by high end pcs to play high end games.. that can only be played on PCs. The same is true for the PS3 and the Wii. Both have games that can only cater to them, because of their unique system structure.

yog-sothot3382d ago

bubbles for you Jamie Foxx ! that's exactly this : PS3 has great exclusives but these "this can only be done on the PS3" are really boring !

Jamie Foxx3382d ago (Edited 3382d ago )

out of these games that cannot be done on other systems? ive yet to see a console game match kz2 graphically, but ive also yet to see ONE advert on tv for the game which has not only let down sales but also guerilla games and all their hard work,yeh the game sold well but it could have sold sooo much better

yet i see 360 adverts constantly

3382d ago
Christopher3382d ago

I agree with this. I know it's typical console marketing, but any game could technically be ported to both consoles, just with different controls for six-axis elements and a modified game engine, regardless of which console it would look and play the best on.

It is getting annoying and I do wish Sony could just afford to rain down on us with some quality advertisements and product tie-ins for their top of the line games rather than hearing the "only possible on the PS3" line again.

xwabbit3382d ago

Well jamie Sony cant waste money on adds right now

chrisnick3382d ago

a killzone2 with no sixaxis and a slightly different engine is not the same game at all, its like saying gears would be able to be just as fun on the wii, its just....not likely.

Mu5afir3382d ago

Less money spent on advertising, more money in your pocket. Killzone 2 will have 3 million + lifetime sales. Not bad for a "new" IP. Your not going to buy a VIDEO GAME by watching an advertisement. You buy a video game, if you friends own it.. and you hear about it by worth of mouth.

Shadow Flare3382d ago

Sony might talk the talk, but at least they walk the walk. Unlike another company.....

Christopher3382d ago (Edited 3382d ago )

I get where you're coming from. I agree, it wouldn't be the 'exact' same game, but the mass majority of it would be unchanged. You'd still have the core FPS elements with the same story, weapons, vehicles, and as comparable graphics as is possible. I don't own KZ2, so I can't speak for the use of the six-axis elements, but I do own a few games where I would call them an improvement if it was removed all-together and utilized the standard controller joysticks instead.

IdleLeeSiuLung3382d ago (Edited 3382d ago )

I don't like statements like "can only be done on" since it is misleading. What about any PS3 game cannot be done on other platforms? Simply because it is first party doesn't mean it can't be done on another platform and that is what Sony is constantly hinting at about almost every single game they release.

Sure you got six-axxis, but really what else? Next thing we know, Wii will say "can only be done on" for Mario Galaxy or something. From what I can tell, six-axxis has not added to any game play elements, but rather detracted from it. The only game that ever implemented six-axxis that I was happy was with the sniping in KZ2. That's it!

A better term is "exclusively on" or "only on"....

Tarasque3382d ago

I agree, Nintendo needs to get their sh1t together.

LazyDevs3382d ago

Yeah that would be like me saying "Only Ghostbuster's can be done 56% of the way on the PS3"........wait........w ait....... BAM there it is.

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Stryfeno23382d ago

Of course Sony is going to boast about "can only be done on" issue. After all God of War will never see the light of day on any other console, so the world will never know.

Uncharted 2_Goty20093382d ago (Edited 3382d ago )

Yeah. The difference is if it was said about a 360 game, everyone would laugh. Now, a PS3 game? Not so much.

WEL3382d ago

Who the heck is giving bubbles to this troll? Seriously... How can he troll on every PS3 article like a mad man and still have all those bubbles?

Multiple accounts? Isn't that illegal on this site?

user39158003382d ago

Out off all the fanboys from sony Sir Ken_Kutaragi sucks the most balls. Does this fanatic ever STFU, if only he knew what the heck hes talking about, I would have no problem but he does not know how to wipe hes own rear.

By the way there is no constraint from Flopstation to a 360 at all, the 360 can handle everything from sony and then it does it better, those are facts, look it up morons. However, the PS3 can not handle all the mighty power of the 360 because it does not have the memory, nor the processing power to keep frame rates, those are also facts, so go get a life or get screw which ever you prefered.

-MD-3382d ago

"Yeah. The difference is if it was said about a 360 game, everyone would laugh. Now, a PS3 game? Not so much. "

I laugh every time I see a PS3 article claiming "only possible on PS3"

el zorro3381d ago


I agreed with him because his comment makes sense. It is the comment under his that is trollish and nonsensical.

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ZOMBIEMAN13382d ago

can't Sony stop saying that it was ok the first couple times but now it's getting annoying . we get it Sony your games are unmatched by any other console game we get it now stop forcing this down our trout

talltony3382d ago

Is big. Alot of people work for sony. Your going to hear it more and more.

food863382d ago

I don't think its us who they are trying to convince but the mass media and mass market. there are people still out there that think that xbox surpasses the ps3 technically and one chip at a time or comments like this will sooner than later sink in.

theEnemy3382d ago

when I flush the toilet

I see you.

Raf1k13382d ago

actually the sky isn't blue.

it "looks" blue lol. something to do with light refraction if i remember right

xabmol3382d ago

Raf1k1 is a smart @ss.

360 man3382d ago

who likes to multi-task

LazyDevs3382d ago

Yeah usually crap don't like crap, so go figure.

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tordavis3382d ago

This will sell more copies now. Bubbles to submitter.

mac4u103382d ago

hes such a fanboy he dosent even let hhg talk on warzone...360 loser.