Over One Million iPhone 3G S Units Sold In First Three Days writes:

"It looks like the iPhone 3G S is off to a strong start. Apple has just announced that they have sold over one million iPhone 3G S units during the first three days of availability.

"Customers are voting and the iPhone is winning," said Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO. "With over 50,000 applications available from Apple's revolutionary App Store, iPhone momentum is stronger than ever."

That puts early iPhone 3G S sales right on par with the iPhone 3G's. It is only the first three days, however, so it will be interesting to see if the iPhone 3G S can keep up the pace."

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skip2mylou3344d ago

damn that is fast for a phone

Odie3344d ago

Seeing as it wasn't a complete hardware redesign, it seems they had a better grasp of stock availability this time around.

SpoonyRedMage3344d ago

Damn man! The iphone prints money much better than the DS does!

Christopher3344d ago

That was my first thought as well.

I'm still extremely happy with my iPhone 3G (2nd Gen), but will likely upgrade to the new phone later this year or hold off for the iPhone 3GS part deux when it comes out next year.

Yeah, holding people in a vice grip to use the $30/month AT&T data plan isn't that great, but I'm extremely happy with both my phone (and it's ever-so-freaking-lovely application library) and my voice/data service.

SpoonyRedMage3344d ago

I wonder if there's an app for printing money?:P

PS360WII3344d ago

I'm one of the million :) I had the original 2G phone so this was a nice upgrade for me. I understand if people had the 3G to not upgrade but for me it's a nice purchase.

Pre-orders certainly helped smooth the launch.

MegaMohsi3344d ago

I had a 3g and I upgraded, it was totally worth it. The phone is much more responsive and faster than the 3G plus the voice control and search all phone features are awesome. The screen with its oleophobic screen is pretty much smudge and fingerprint resistant, you dont even need a screen protector anymore.

PS360WII3344d ago

Yes the speed is the biggest feature for sure, but the compass for how little of a thing it is just wowed me. I bring up my map, it shows me where I'm at, I hit the search again and now shows me which way I'm facing on the map. That's just cool imo :)

ChrisGTR13344d ago

too bad theyll have the redisigned iphone a year from now.

PS360WII3344d ago

That they will but unless they make the storage 80GB I'll keep this one ;)

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themyk3344d ago

it is much faster than my 3g. i'm still on the last firmware. waiting to jailbreak 3.0 before i update my firmware.

i wont upgrade to the 3g. but it is much better. i'll get my wife the 3gs. being she's still using the terrible pantech duo. god thats a terrible phone.

Half-Mafia3344d ago

u can jailbreak 3.0 right now, the program is called Redsn0w. google it

ChrisGTR13343d ago

stupid ass idev team. where the flip is my unlock for 3.0! suppost to be out 5 days ago

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