Pitchford wants 'something different' from Bungie

Despite openly expressing his love for Halo and Modern Warfare, and despite comparing Bungie and Infinity Ward to the son of God, Gearbox president Randy Pitchford has called upon both developers to explore new horizons with their games.

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shocky163341d ago

I love the Halo series and I'm happy that they're continuing it.

GWAVE3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

I've wanted something "different" from Bungie since the crappy ending of Halo 2.

Not everyone is still devoted to Halo series, so there's no reason why Bungie can't branch out into other IPs.

Christopher3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

Would love a quasi-class-based RPG game based on the Halo Universe with a quasi-open-world. Lots of quasi in there, but only because going all the way with one or the other I think wold detract too much from the Halo Universe as it is.

I've never been much for FPS games, but I think going a different direction with the same Universe will bring in more gamers, possibly who will try out the previous and future games in the FPS arena.

Bnet3433341d ago

Uhh ... I want more Halo games. I don't care what people like GWAVE say. Keep doing what your doing Bungie, you're good.

truewittness3341d ago

"Not everyone is still devoted to Halo series"
ok, that comment didn't make any sense. halo 3 is the most played console video game today. now how is everyone not still devoted to the halo series? you should have put, "I'm not still devoted to Halo series".

and i heard that halo reach is going to be a sandbox game anyways. but why would you change a good thing. you stick to the motto..."If it's not broke, DON'T FIX IT."

peeps3341d ago

"now how is everyone not still devoted to the halo series? you should have put, "I'm not still devoted to Halo series""

now how is everyone not still devoted

you say he should say he's not devoted

but that would mean not everyone is devoted to the halo series

which is what he said.... that not everyone was still devoted... (and he is one of the ppl no longer devoted to the series)

lol that was hard work

truewittness3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

wow you need a brain check. he's implying it on a big scale of gamers, with the artical too(not just himself) and if bungie doesn't change it people will stop playing it. just because it's simalar to the the older ones, people are not playing it anymore? which doesn't make sense because, like i said it's the most played console video game today. and halo 3 came out 2 years ago. read the artical, understand it, then read the post before you post.

which brings me to the main point, more people bought and played halo 3 then halo 1 & 2. so i say again, he should have put, "I'm not still devoted to Halo series".

The Master Chief3341d ago

I agree they should try new things within the Halo Universe...but I also agree they should be making the Halol FPS's. They are just the best when it comes to level design, gameplay mechanics, polish, balance and features.

I can't wait for Halo: Reach =P

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Stryfeno23341d ago

Bungie do what you do best.

user8586213341d ago

make a halo fps for the rest of their lives lol

truewittness3341d ago

waseem335 you're, let them make their millions at what they are good at. if it's not broke, don't fix it.

MriownBOTH3341d ago

halo is on top.

bungie keep going.

and who the [email protected] is pitchford and who gives a damn what he thinks.

Christopher3341d ago

Randy Pitchford is the guy who has brought us Half-Life, Counter Strike, Halo: Combat Evolved, Counter Strike: Condition Zero, and Brothers in Arms.

He definitely has a lot of experience with a wide array of FPS games, so he definitely has the credentials to talk in this manner on the subject. Way more than you or I will ever have.

beans3341d ago

If I'm not mistaken he's involved in the next Halo.Gearbox and Bungie are about to unleash a can of whip azz.

StanLee3341d ago

Randy Pitchford nor Gearbox is in anyway associated with the next Halo project or any Halo project. Corrine Yu who was a programmer and engine developer at Gearbox was hired by Microsoft Gaming Studios to work on their internal Halo project and that's where the rumor started.

mastiffchild3341d ago

He's definitely entitled to say what he has but people get so defensive over any mention of Halo not being completely perfect that it's getting silly. I like Halo, used to love it actually, and I'd love to see Bungie either push the universe themselves beyond cosmetic changes(as with ODST whre basic gameplay is still very familiar but as a FPS what can they do?) or even to different, new IPs as they clearly have the talent. Who knows, if they do go to a different idea/game then when they returned to Halo they might be in a position to take it places noone has even thought of right now.

Halo's a great franchise but should it really be sacreligeous to say we'd like to see either it or Bungie doing some new things? That desn't mean he/anyone doesn't like Halo , does it?

slak3340d ago

love bungie and w/e they are up 2 if halo games is what they want 2 do then let it be

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poopface13341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

doesnt gearbox also make FPS only? They should shut up, as most their games are just ports of FPS. Their first game was HL: opposing force, which was good, and they made themselves with valves engine.

guy above, your wrong about randy. He didnt bring us those game, he brought ports of those games. Their game was opposing force and the brothers in arms series. He only worked on ports of half life and halo. And they made counter strike: condition zero, which is the crappy version taht no one liked.

StanLee3341d ago

Is it just me or is he actually taking jabs at both developers? He's been saying all E3 that Gearbox is taking risks with Borderlands and how much diversity Gearbox brings to the first person genre. I think he's actually being snide but maybe that's just me.

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