IncGamers Review - Overlord 2

Tim McDonald tries his hand at seal-clubbing in the latest in the series of Overlord games.

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Dorjan3381d ago

The game graphics look a lot like Fables!

Looks like an entertaining time passer though.

AndyA3381d ago

I'm looking forward to trying this. Enjoyed Overlord's sense of humour and it looks like more of the same here.

Leord3381d ago

Love the original Overlord, even if I've been to busy to actually finish the game...

Malfurion3381d ago

Looks suitable evil, will be buying this.

greengamer3381d ago

after reading this and the wii reviews i think im going to be taking the Wii's reviewers advice and wait for it to go down in price before picking it up.

Like the sound of this sequel though and will be finding myself picking up a copy on friday when it is released.