DFC : Left 4 Dead demonstrates potential of online distribution

Chris Remo from Gamasutra writes:

"A new study by analysis firm DFC in conjunction with social media company GamerDNA has extensively compared Left 4 Dead user activity habits across PC and Xbox 360 -- and finds Valve's strategy of combining promotions and free updates may extend a game's shelf life dramatically.

Results of the study were released in the latest edition of the DFC Dossier publication, and are based on the activity of over 180,000 PC and Xbox 360 gamers via Steam, Xbox Live, and Xfire from the time of the game's release until May."

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Pandamobile3224d ago

Wow, 63% more PC activity. Why does this not surprise me.

evrfighter3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

pc gaming is nowhere near dead. I'm guessing alot of the old school fps gamers have since moved on to steam.

The last quality online FPS (Crysis is not considered an online game) exclusive to come out on pc IMO was Battlefield 2. PC gaming has been on a downward spiral ever since Crysis was released, when they couldn't accept the fact that its gameplay was mediocre and it launched with horrible sales. It seems like catering to the console crowd, a crowd that will gladly pay for mediocrity has been the new trend.

As an example. Treyarch knows pc gamers don't expect to pay for new maps. They won't release their map pack on pc until a company "Sponsors" the map pack. They know that if they were to release their maps to individuals for purchase. The map pack would find their way onto torrents and they would get jack sh*t. They want an up front lump sum of who knows how many hundreds of thousands of dollars for them to upload it to a server somewhere. You might argue it takes bandwidth for this hence the sponsorship. But uploading it as a torrent would solve any kind of bandwidth problem they encounter.

Battlefield 2 sold 7 million in its first month. The problem is after a pc game is launched. PC gamers EXPECT ongoing support, patches, maps, weapons. For free I might add, as that's been the way of pc gaming since before consoles went online. Console gamers EXPECT TO PAY for this stuff. You can probably guess in your sleep who Publishers/Developers are going to cater to. PC gaming has stalled because of this.

Winter47th3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

"while Xbox 360 activity continued to decline."
Gee I wonder F'ing why, was it the lack of patches while the PC's getting them all exclusively, or the fact that Valve sucks when it's anything related to consoles and just LOVE to sh!t on their fance across that fence.

Sometimes I fell it's better if they stick to PC only, their products on the 360 are nothing but a propaganda to their STEAM crap.

Pandamobile3224d ago (Edited 3224d ago )

Your comment makes no sense.

Every multiplatform game has better support on PC. To release a patch over Live and PSN you it needs to go through a lot of testing and stuff before it can actually go out to gamers. This process can take weeks.

Whereas on the PC, devs just make a quick little hot-fix, upload it to FilePlanet and Gamershell and be done with it.

Especially in the case of Valve. They've got their own platform for getting updates to users.

Also, if you're calling Steam "crap" you obviously haven't used it for more than 5 minutes if at all. Steam is the future, man.

Valve's gonna push the sales of the PC version more because they make more money.

If you buy a Valve game on Steam, they get 100% of the profits.

You buy the 360 version, $10 goes to Microsoft, $25 to EA and $25 to Valve. It's more worth it to push PC.

Stoney223223d ago

Finally an article that is actual news rather then just some random joe blogger.
I also have to agree with evrfighter about the reason why the PC market has really stalled.