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MasterChief36243192d ago

Honestly, not too big of a deal.

Though it is going to be very interesting seeing how well it sells on PSP as opposed to the DS, haha :P

Snoops the Sniggerin3192d ago

It's going to do better on PSP,I for one am going to buy it on PSP.

BLuKhaos3192d ago

Well considering the rampart piracy that plagues the system, I'd guess it wouldn't sell that much more than the DS version.Then again there is the PSPGo which may heighten the sales a little bit.

skip2mylou3192d ago

ds had a lot of pirates too so i dont know what u talking about

xabmol3192d ago

Isn't the DS a bit harder to mod than the PSP?

Marceles3192d ago

nope, a DS is modded with a simple mod card that goes in the card slot. There's so many ways to brick a PSP though when trying to mod it. You have to download this, unplug that, download this again, dont unplug this at this time or else, now that you downloaded this, jump in the air while trying to put a PSP game in...alot of hoops you have to jump to mod one.

xabmol3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

I thought the PSP was really easy to mod, but you're telling me the DS is even easier? o.0?! I was going to get a DS when Scribblenauts comes out, but I think I'll get one sooner now. :)

*Googles DS Homebrew*

skip2mylou3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

yeah u just need a flash card that u can find on and a micro sd card which u can find all over the place. psp is harsh to mod almost bricked my psp twice. ds games a like 200mb every game i think dont know since i didnt mod my ds. this is wht my friends got

@fishy u dont need the technical know how it is just the dangers of opening your psp battery and either cutting in to deep or not deep enough to the right spots. you can youtube mod psp battery into a pandoas' battery but that is the only known danger that is their and to have to buy a new battery if you fuk up on the first battery. the modding of the memory stick is a lot easier tho. although you can skip the hassles of by buying a pandoras battery and magic mem stick which is what i did but i did it. after i got my pandora battery i moded my mem stick to a magic memory stick and my extra battery into the pandoras battery

@johnny Rotten
i know man when i first saw the youtube videos i didnt feel like modding my battery with teh risk off killing my battery so i just bought a pre made pandora battery&magic mem stick for dirt cheap blue led which runs alone about &30& a 8gb magic mem stick all for $38

Fishy Fingers3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

Type "R4 Revolution" into google, buy the card. Done. Thats DS piracy explained.

PSP is far more difficult, requiring homebrew which needs technical know how to use and also scares many potential users because it has the potential to brick your PSP.

DS is far and away the easiest system to play pirate games on. I dont know a single DS owner without an R4. Ranging from 10-60 year olds.

Johnny Rotten3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

My 11 year old cousin just got a mod cart for her DS, it's as easy as click an dragging an MP3 into an MP3 player and with zero risk of screwing it up. The PSP takes a lot more "know how" and research.

Baka-akaB3192d ago

The Ds is easier to pirate and plagued with it .
It got no impact on the likes of gta

xabmol3192d ago

Think this site is reliable? 6 bucks is a hard deal to pass up! :D

BLuKhaos3192d ago

Yeah it's reliable, I ordered an aceKard for my DS from there last month.

Sarcasm3192d ago

The DS is easy to pirate because of the cartridge slot. Buy a R4 or something equivalent, then upgrade the kernel, and BAM! There it is.

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Snoops the Sniggerin3192d ago

I'll download it over PSN for my PSP Go!

peeps3192d ago

thats pretty cool. i just hope they up the graphics a bit. the gameplay etc may have all been there in the ds version but i wasn't at all a fan of the graphics.

would be annoying if they just ported it when the psp's gta games so far have looked as good as gtIII on the ps2 imo

Vertius3192d ago

JUST got Chinatown Wars for the DS for €12.99.