Diehard GameFAN: CGE: Card Classics Review

Clubhouse Games Express: Card Classics is kind of a misleading title. While there are five fun card games to be played here, only two of them are really "classics" in any sense of the word, and the complexity of some of the games makes this less of an "express" experience than one might want. There are five card games to choose from, the game looks and sounds serviceable enough to be fine, there's DS download multiplayer, and the controls are very easy to work with.

On the other hand, the only real classic games in this download are Black Jack and Five Card Draw, the other three games are very similar to one another, several of the games will take multiple games of play to make sense if you've never played them before, you've seen everything this has to show off if you own Clubhouse Games, and you could replicate the entire experience with a deck of cards and an open table. For five dollars, Clubhouse Games Express: Card Classics isn't bad, and it's worth it if you like card games, but it's not really worth checking out otherwise.

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