Diehard GameFAN: Arrogancy Games Interview

Breaking onto the Community Games' Most Popular blade of releases recently has been the arcade-style brawler Angry Barry, the second XBox Live Community Games effort from Arrogancy Games. Taking obvious cues from Data East's classic Bad Dudes, Angry Barry is traditional romp through levels full of enemies to punch in, all influenced by people and events stemming from the 2008 presidential election campaign. Classic arcade buffs should find the two-player brawler a steal for a meager 400 Microsoft Points, but fans of classic, old-school gaming should keep an eye on the name Arrogancy Games, as according to one of its members, the studio is just warming up.

Aaron McCray is one-half of the duo responsible for most of what players see in an Arrogancy Games title. McCray works as an artist, designer, musician and writer for the studio and has teamed up with Alex Welch, who is listed as a programmer and designer, to bring gamers the three titles available on the studio's official Web page. In the wake of Angry Barry's release, McCray was kind enough to accept an interview with to detail the past of Arrogancy Games, and perhaps most importantly, its future.

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