Nintendo Download (6/22/09)

Nintendo has issued the latest Nintendo Download announcing which VC/WiiWare/DSiWare games are available today.

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MasterChief36243379d ago

This was a very random week... but I'm very excited about Neves Plus, as well as the new ArtStyle game on DSi =)

knox3379d ago

yup but nintendo must be crazy, they never release that many wiiware games in a week

darthv723379d ago

is the one I am looking forward to. Why is it taking so long? Nintendo should also announce cross play for vc games on the dsi. My 2gb sd card is just itching to try some vc games on the go.

SpoonyRedMage3379d ago

Would be a good idea. Virtual Handheld would be better though... but Nintendo said they don't have plans for it, it's a virtual goldmine(pun kinda intended)!

PS360WII3379d ago

SimEarth sounds like it could be fun.

and yes Contra Rebirth will be nice to have once out!