ResumePlay Votes: Top Five Video Game Theme Songs

Music is one of the most powerful mediums in the world, and ever since video games became main stream it has played a huge role in not just shaping gaming, but the gamers who play the games.
..You have until july 20th to cast, so to make sure your favorite theme has a chance of being number one, you best get in with your suggestion.

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sirbigam3345d ago

Metal Gear Solid 2's Sons of Liberty main theme is the sh!t. listen from 3:16

Myst3345d ago

"The URL contained a malformed video ID."

Come on now, Fix and share :(

caseh3345d ago


If I dont have 3-4 of the themes then i'll be amazed!

Myst3345d ago

Personally I liked the Final Fantasy VII battle music, as well as some of the character themes, Monster Hunter has a nice OST and so does Rock band 2 :P. I need more OSTs from Video games :(