Eurogamer : Grand Slam Tennis review

Kristan Reed from Eurogamer writes:

"This review replaces our original verdict on Grand Slam Tennis, which was withdrawn last week due to errors affecting the review process. Please see the Editor's blog for an explanation.

In a month that's seen motion-sensing controls rocket to the top of the agenda across the spectrum of consoles, Wii MotionPlus's timing surely couldn't be better: Microsoft and Sony talk about the future in aspirational terms at the start of the month, and a fortnight later Nintendo's dream is reality. Strangely, we'll have to all wait until 24th July to see the first Nintendo game for the new accessory, when Wii Sports Resort is released. In the meantime, Electronic Arts debuts not only the first WMP game, but the publisher's first tennis game in 15 years, Grand Slam Tennis."

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