Analysis: Microsoft Still Leads in Multiplatform Quality

Kris Erickson writes:

"Despite Sony's reluctance to drop the price of its expensive home console, it clearly hopes to attract high-end consumers through a strong lineup of first-party and exclusive game publishing deals. Surprises included a new, as-yet-unseen game from the hitmakers at Rockstar, the same studio responsible for a different series of titles that helped put Sony's PS2 firmly on the map in the last generation. Final Fantasy XIV was also announced as an exclusive to Sony's PS3, although this game is still a long ways out. There are enough exclusive titles coming to Sony's PS3 to convince customers to jump on board and prove that the company still has sufficient clout in the industry to secure major publishing deals. If there is one significant hole in Sony's market strategy, however, it remains the weak performance of third-party multiplatform titles on its system."

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clinker3260d ago

They used to say that a console would die without a robust third-party support. Not sure if this is still true, but the poor sales/quality of some multiplatform games is definitely a troubling issue for Sony.

Uncharted 2_Goty20093259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

RE5(PS3) 2.24mil RE5(360) 2.14

SF4(PS3) 1.26 SF4(360)1.06

Two of the biggest multiplatform games this year sold more on the PS3-- outselling its 360 counterparts in places like Europe and Japan.

Now, if the tools used to make PS3 games didn't need work, you wouldn't have Capcom developing MT Frameworks 2.0-- specifically* for better PS3 support.

ultimolu3259d ago

You're kidding right?

This site is basing their title and article on the Ghostbusters videogame and it's really sickening. There are plenty of games where the versions on both consoles looked more or less the same.

Unless people play count the pixels instead of playing the damn game.

Call me up when a game on the 360 looks better than Killzone 2 and Uncharted.

Go on and disagree. Cowards usually can't prove others wrong.

SRU96003259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

The vast majority of multiplatform games have performed better on the 360 since day one.

Even the most rabid of fanboys knows that this is true. Pretending that only a few games actually perform better on the 360 just makes people look silly.

OmarJA3259d ago

I agree with ultimolu...

Shame we can't say the same thing about the 360's exclusives though, the PS3's exclusives by far looks the best this gen we can't argue with that & i think the developers can get more out of it if they spent more time on it like how Bethesda developed Oblivion on the PS3 but i don't think they can afford that.

lordgodalming3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

@1.0: It's not that troubling because it isn't true. This article ignores a whole lot of published information. But that's pretty typical for flamebait.

Come on, even Jim Sterling over at Destructoid--who has written some really disparaging stuff about the PS3--can acknowledge reality.

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3259d ago
Eiffel3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

I'm a 360 owner but that statement is pretty overdone and in fact pretty stupid.

"Call me up when a game on the 360 looks better than Killzone 2 and Uncharted."

Okay do you expect the same potential out of a system that released before the PS3? Like comparing Windows 98 to Windows XP. Of course no title on the 360 can go against a title on the PS3...on the lines of graphics. Gameplay however is even game that neither can beat the other at, and is the most important factor out of a game.

ultimolu3259d ago

Okay then, so why must 360 fanboys use multiplatforms as a way to say the PS3 is inferior when we now that's not true at all?

This is WHY I asked for a 360 game to go up against PS3 exclusive. If the PS3 is used properly in multiplatform development, then it's not inferior at all.

Eiffel3259d ago

I'm not stating either or the other is inferior I honestly don't give a rats ass about the small differences in multiplat titles that can barely be noticed when you play from a good distance. And you're going by fanboys? That's like taking advice from the guy who is the coolest kid with down syndrome. Fanboys use anything to go against anything that challenges their beloved system. I'm neutral now anyway I was smart enough to own both consoles and still get to peev off fanboys of both sides.

Its all in good fun after all. If I do recall you suggested I buy a PS3. I got mine about a week after Killzone 2 released.

ThaGeNeCySt3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

I still think RE5, Gears of War, & Assassin's Creed look better than Uncharted, but that's me. Killzone 2 on the other hand is on another planet.

gaffyh3259d ago

@1.9 - That is very true, you can see this if you look at Burnout Paradise, Mirror's Edge, COD4 and pretty much every game that is developed on PS3 first or specifically for the PS3.

ultimolu3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

Good for you Eiffel. Killzone 2 is an awesome game.

I don't care for multiplatform differences either because I don't need a magnifying glass to play. But it's really stupid to see what's going on here.

commodore: MGS4, Valkyria Chronicles, Little Big Planet, Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Motorstorm, Heavenly Sword, Motorstorm Pacific...

All of these games look really good on the PS3.

Want to try me some more?

Real sad to see people trying to delude themselves into thinking the PS3 is inferior.

Keep giving yourself agrees and and disagreeing with my comments commodore. You see, the difference between you and I is that I play games. I don't use a magnifying glass to see which one is better.

The ONLY thing 360 fanboys can use these days are multiplatform games. Not exclusive games.


Once again.

commodore643259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )


the problem with bringing up UC2 and KZ2 is that those are the ONLY two games that you can bring up to counter the HUNDREDS of inferior ps3 multiplats.
In most cases, you don't need to be counting pixels to see the truth.
eg: Ghostbusters at 56% resolution.

In the end, you may please yourself, but the world's customers vote with their wallets, as succinctly outlined in the article.

Can't argue with that.

3259d ago
Boody-Bandit3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

I agree.
So why are people so hung up on graphics in comparisons articles then since cross platform titles almost always run identical to one another in gameplay performance?

I have both consoles (multiples of each). Graphics are the last thing that enters the equation when I am deciding which version to get. Thing is bigger titles (Burnout Paradise, COD, Madden, SFIV) I get on both consoles so I truly have the best of both worlds.

Uncharted 2_Goty20093259d ago

You forget that the PS3 has half the install base in NA, a bigger install base everywhere else.

Like I said, the two biggest multiplatform games this year have sold more on the PS3. nuff said

king dong33259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

but for a multi-plat, lost planet2 is easily the second best looking game behind killzone2 this gen. and resident evil is easily up there with the best of the sony exclusives.....which happens to run beautifully on the 360! microsofts lack off first party studios is the reason why there's little to no first party engines that can duke-it-out with sonys!

but i'll give a special mention to rares banjo kazooie engine, which is stunning! but was crminally wasted on that crap create a go kart game... and was then even further wasted when rare didn't add a mario kart rip-off for the multi-player! heads should've rolled for that waste!

Quick press the disagree's great when you do kids!!!!

DelbertGrady3259d ago

"The ONLY thing 360 fanboys can use these days are multiplatform games. Not exclusive games."

Ubisoft begs to differ.

Christopher3259d ago

And is this because of the PS3 or the developers?

I will agree completely with the fact that learning to develop for the PS3 takes a lot more than it takes to learn to develop for the 360. But, once you have more competent developers who know how to properly use a PS3, then you will get better ports and faster turn-around times when developing for the PS3.

The cell structure isn't something that will always confound developers, it's just something that requires them to learn how to utilize them in the best manner possible and to do so for all games. The problem is that companies aren't investing the time or money to get their developers up to speed on the new technology.

TheBlackSmoke3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

This is so true, also PS3 has no gamez ..... oh wait its not 2007 anymore?

This article is FUD, honestly theres only been a handfull of games in the last year where the 360 version is "superior" and by superior i mean significantly better not zooming in on screenshots to find an out of place pixel that only a looser would notice.

I keep hearing this desperate argument from the 360 fanboys yet if i challenge you to list all these significantly superior multiplats you just wont be able to due to the fact theres hardly any.

Its also worth noting that the mulitplats that people actually give a sh!t about (no offence ghostbusters) are at parity so PS3 owners are getting an all round great gaming experience.

SRU96003259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

cgoodno, you say that as if the PS3 has only been out for a few months.

Time is ticking, my friend.

Syronicus3259d ago

Isn't Splinter Cell coming out for the PC as well? Just asking because I thought exclusive meant exclusive to one console and not cross platform. PC is still a relevant platform these days right?

Also, not to mention that it is yet to be released... You could compare it to Uncharted 2 which blows Splinter Cell: Conviction out of the water in terms of graphics. Both are going to great titles but to say SC:C is going to be a true competitor for graphics in the near future, well, maybe not so much.

Don't hate, I just think you could have used a better game to back up your argument.


Anon19743259d ago

Commodore64 said "HUNDREDS of inferior ps3 multiplats"

Wow. I think he seriously believes this tripe.
Hey Commodore. If there are hundred's of inferior PS3 multiplats, prove it. Because I can link to Metacritic and you can check yourself. The vast majority of multiplats, when compared by professional reviewers are shown to be nearly identical.
Here's a fun little exercise for you. Go to metacritic and do a search for PS3/360 multiplatform titles, then check the reviews.
Of the 46 multiplatform titles (by my count) released this year, 27 scored higher on the PS3, 14 scored higher on the 360, 5 tied.
That's right. 70% of games either scored higher on the PS3 or were the same, released so far this year.

You're either uninformed or a liar. Which is it?

Christopher3259d ago

Agreed. The developers and companies that manage them have been extremely lazy about finally getting their developers properly trained.

Now, you can try and twist this to say that the PS3 just isn't worth it, but only if you completely ignore the fact of what first and second-party developers are doing on the PS3.

Seriously, people who are trying to find fault with the PS3 architecture really need to give up. Even with Sony's sub-par OS concepts, they can still put out games with amazing graphics, AI, lighting, and particle effects that just aren't seen on the 360.

This isn't about fanboyism, this is about logic and common sense. The only way you're going to call the PS3 architecture inferior to the 360 is if you completely ignore what is being produced on the PS3. And, if you do that, you honestly just go straight on my ignore list because I have no time to argue with idiots.

beans3259d ago

"Call me up when a game on the 360 looks better than Killzone 2 and Uncharted."

These games are not on 360 so we will never know if there possible on 360. If multiplats look better on 360 then common sense tells you that KZ2 and UC2 would have looked better on 360. This whole argument or belief that 360 is weaker is simply hilarious. MS has shown Forza3, Conviction, Alan Wake, ME2, and a slew of Multiplats destined to perform better than on PS3. Sony all along has had something to prove, and since there multiplats don't ever edge out 360's I think this more power crap is nothing more then insecurity. Another thing I find funny is how even Gears2 has moments that look better than anything in KZ2 yet and still it's written off by the fanboys lol.

I know I'm going to get a bunch B.S sony fanboy crap, but seriously screw you guys with your messed up beliefs.

Anon19743259d ago

Beans said "MS has shown Forza3, Conviction, Alan Wake, ME2, and a slew of Multiplats destined to perform better than on PS3."

That's just pure speculation. None of this has come to pass yet and until it does the PS3 is the graphical champ. You can mumble about "destined to perform better" all you want but until it does the PS3 is clearly the champ.

beans3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

"@ Beans. Wake me when those games are actually released and live up to the hype."

Oh and did KZ2 live up to the hype? No it did not. Is UC2 out yet? No it's not.

"That's just pure speculation. None of this has come to pass yet and until it does the PS3 is the graphical champ. You can mumble about "destined to perform better" all you want but until it does the PS3 is clearly the champ."

Right now PS3 is holding the crown with KZ2 which I never denied. Now why don't you quit running your mouth and listen. If 360 multiplats always tend to preform better then what makes anybody with a brain think that KZ2 would not have looked better on 360? Your just like the rest of these fools in denial and hopefully proven very wrong soon. It's sad how when 360 held the top spot all you could hear was wait, and now when it's the other way around you all want to be hypocrites. Please tell me when PS3 Multiplats are going to start to look better than 360? Until then your all speaking nonsense because you can't prove PS3 is more powerful from an exclusive only no matter how you spin it. There's something wrong here and yet the blind continue to walk into walls with no direction. Wake me up when you have a decent response and not the typical fanboy mumbo jumbo.

Edit below cgoodno: Honestly i could careless which system is more powerful than the other because both have games i really want to play. There's just not a big enough leap in visuals as compared to wii for instance to say that one blows the other away.

Christopher3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

I think it's up to individual user taste to say that Killzone 2 is better than all other 360 games. But, the reason it couldn't be done on the 360 at this time is because there isn't a software engine that can manage the data throughput for AI, lighting, and physics at the same level as the PS3's cell processor. The 360 is a powerhouse when it comes to processing higher quality textures, typically winning it the video comparison face offs, but unfortunately it has data throughput and access issues that prevent it from utilizing as high a level of AI, physics, and particle effects as the PS3.

Again, this is just a matter of console strengths. 360 is in the fast DVD9 variable reading speeds, large and fast VRAM, and XBLA. PS3 right now is in shared RAM capabilities and much greater processing of the things I've already mentioned.

jmare3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

Not only is this article nothing more than ridiculous flamebait, it ignores all the ugly facts that don't support it's view. First, everyone can agree that the PS3 is not the loser of the third-party race, the Wii is. The only reason that the Wii still gets any love from third-parties is because the games cost nothing to make and even if they sell a few thousand they break even. Also, "superior" multiplats are often the result of lazy ports from PC/360 code to the PS3 which runs very inefficiently due to the Cell's architecture. Yes, it costs money to develop games, but the PS3 is not inherently more expensive to develop for. The cost comes from developers that don't know how to code for it, they look at it like a traditional architecture and wonder why it doesn't work. I wonder if people will still spew this bullshit in a few years after a PS3 price cut and the games continues to look better while the Wii and the 360 begin to fall behind?

EDIT: below: But the way you guys act, the PS3 beating the 360 in any multiplat game IS something to write about. Also, when the install bases are at a ratio of about 2:1 how is a game selling at a ratio of 2:1 something to write about?

Aquanox3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

Those are the only games selling better on PS3 and for very clear reasons:

1. RE5 had a massive support in Japan, a territory where the Xbox 360 still lags behind. If you count the rest of the world only, the Xbox 360 version outsold the Ps3's even when the frachise was heavily attached to Sony's Console.

2. SF4: Reason: Bad D-Pad for a Fighter. That's all.

Even though, with Japan's support and bad D-pad for the genre, the difference is totally marginal.

Now, talking about the best selling multiplatform game of this generation:

The Xbox 360 versions of COD 4 and 5 outsell almost 2:1 the PS3 counterpart. Now that's something to write about.

For the vast majority of games, the Xbox 360 still leads both tecnhically and commercially.

CadDad3259d ago

360: 645 games have aggregate scores on Meta-critic
*38% of the games scored over 75% (253/645)
*11% scored below 50% (73/645)

PS3: 352 games have aggregate scores on Meta-critic
*44% of the games scored over 75% (154/352)
*7% scored below 50% (26/352)

Wii: 426 games have aggregate scores on Meta-critic
*21% of the games scored over 75% (89/426)
*19% scored below 50% (82/426)

I know review aggregate scores are pretty worthless if you like//dislike a game, but it's a good barometer to go by. Just some quick info I put together based on raw game date on meta-critic.


Sitdown3259d ago

"Call me up when a game on the 360 looks better than Killzone 2 and Uncharted."

I didn't disagree with you...but the problem I have with your statement is this....what if I don't care about Killzone 2 and Uncharted? Now don't get me wrong...I played both, and will get my time in with uncharted 2.......but there is a whole population of gamers out there who are only interested in the yearly dose of Madden and 2K basketball. Now if I can get the same quality of game on the 360 at a cheaper price......see where I'm going? Then on another note, you might have a gamer like me...I was not necessarily impressed by Killzone 2 graphically....and at times I feel I have tapped out on graphics. There is a reason ps2s still fly off the shelves.

GiantEnemyCrab3259d ago

[email protected] there is a reason they are banned pretty much everywhere.

Keep on making them up!

Utalkin2me3259d ago

Well any windows mid to high end based PC will smoke the PS3 which is a MS platform. You think just cause People get 5 years to dev games for the PS3 that it makes if far superior to the 360. Really this Killzone sh1t again, It has no real time shadows, it has low detailed textures and uses engine effect's to get things across. And the controls and framerate suffer cause of it.

Prototype3259d ago

This is the kind of B.S. shows how ignorant a lot of people are. Most of the time someones "opinion" all of the sudden becomes "fact" and is also used in some sort of counter-argument.

Real gamers like me don't care who the lead platform is or how many pixels a character model has; we're more concerned with funfactor and the replay value.

No one cared back in the SNES/Genesis days with who was "lead" development platform, we argued over why a system of 64 colors on a screen was putting out a lot of the same graphic power as a system that had 256 colors on screen.

allegionary3259d ago

I know I get all my multis on the 360...this is usually because they run better, look better, I like the controller better, and because of the achievements I've already invested in the 360.

There are a few PS3 exclusives and Blu Ray that makess the PS3 still a worthwile purchase for me and I still enjoy it for that, but I did expect the PS3 to offer more by now considering its power.

Oh well...not going to sell it anytime soon with Heavy Rain, Uncharted 2 etc. coming.

commodore643259d ago

Yes darkie, hundreds of multiplats run better on the 360.
Everybody knows.

What's more, this trend is continuing, right now, in 2009. know it's true....

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ExgamerLegends23260d ago

Same old stuff.

- Sony wont do price cut
- Only focus on NA sales instead of WW
- Ignorantly brings up ghostbusters as an example of multiplats being superior on 360

Raf1k13259d ago

it's what anyone should expect from fanboys.

i'd expect the same from ps3 fanboys.

Jazz41083259d ago

I would have to say we sell 2 to 1 360 games over ps3 games and I cant remember the last time someone actually purchased a ps3 console, I get alot traded in though, and I easily sell 2 to 3 360 consoles a day and I work at a extremeley busy store and I mean extremeley.

Darkeyes3260d ago

Wow a Xbox site saying PS3 is inferior... Something new here!!!!

clinker3259d ago

Same article is also on their PS3 network site, so you can have it in PS3 fanboy flavor if you prefer:

n4gno3259d ago eurogamer biased comparisons, fans often used to demonstrate...euh...bullcraps.

3259d ago
All Time Greatness3259d ago

And still will be 3 years from now.

3259d ago
All Time Greatness3259d ago

O yes, let me wake up so we can pretend like PS3 is somehow remotely comptetive when it comes to multiplatform game performance.

Eurogamer comparison 20:

Red Faction: Guerilla: Xbox 360 wins

Ghostbuster:Xbox 360 wins

Prototype:Xbox 360 wins

Xmen Origins: Wolverine: Xbox 360 wins

Fuel: Xbox 360 wins

Go look back through all 19 comparisons before this one...and try to find 10 multiplatforms that are better on PS3...out of the dozens.;)

Uncharted 2_Goty20093259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

It's not as cut and dry as that. The advantages or pluses are so small that there are no telling* differences between the two 90% of the time.

"On the plus side, self-shadowing on the PS3 models looks a touch more refined and we spotted higher anistropic filtering on the Sony platform too. Debris on the ground also has more depth on PS3, each piece of rubble being individually shadowed. "

"it is the Xbox 360 game that has an overall consistency that gives it a small advantage." - Prototype

Fight Night Round 4 share parity(LoT,) and that looks better than all those multiplatform games you mentioned. Just remember, not exploiting the Cell is like a one legged race.

Bask in your shallow multiplatform victories; cry yourself to sleep when a PS3 exclusive gets a "best graphics of e3" award, and have a nice day.

3259d ago
YogiBear3259d ago

Ha! Apparently I touched a nerve. You can quote all the statistics you want to me but my opinion remains unchanged. You can have superior Fuel and Prototype games I played both on each respective console and they were lacking in all areas. I have seen the eight hundred comparisons of Ghostbusters and the difference is so minute that I'm laughing that one off. Red Faction looked better to me on my PS3 than my friends 360. I didn't go to a website to look at the comparison I used my eyes and two 1080p HD television sets.

ultimolu3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

Three years from now, Microsoft will have to do something about the limited storage on their console.

Seriously, get real.

Still bragging about multiplatform games and yet not one game can match up against Uncharted or Killzone 2...not to mention Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

Just wow.

Darkeyes3259d ago

People make such a huge deal about minute differences. Sometimes one even has to pause to note the difference. For all 360 fanboys the difference in multi-plats is a console selling factor LMAO. Looking at recent console games like RE5,UFC,Prototype,RFG... I can't even spot the difference. Apart from Ghostbuster, all the other games look so close.

Yup All time greatness... keep saying that al 360 multi-plats are 100 times better than PS3 versions to yourself till the next good looking 360 exclusive arrives.' A 360 can pull off a KZ2 or UC2 if someone works on it for 4 years'.. Yup also keep saying that and hope that a game half as good looking as UC2 drops on your console... Cause no 3rd party dev gives a sh*t of putting in 4 years behind a game.. You need first party for that.

Let me guess... I would any day prefer a 95% looking multi-plat + the best looking exclusives compared to 5% improved multi-plat (barring Ghostbusters) + OK looking exclusives....

YogiBear3259d ago

Well Ultimolu I wasn't going to bring up Metal Gear because it's kind of a discussion ender but thanks and here's a bubble.

Game On...even you All Time Greatness

DelbertGrady3259d ago

*ouch* =)

Bu-bu-but teh Eurogamer is teh biased!

I'm just glad I get to play the premium versions of multiplat games. This gen some of the biggest & best titles are multiplat and I wouldn't want to settle for sloppy seconds when it comes to games like Resident Evil 5, Fallout 3, Red Faction: Guerilla (absolutely awesome!) etc.

andron6663259d ago

Of course 360 fanboys focus on the minor advantages of some 360 titles, like it makes up for the major disadvantages in the 360 hardware.

The differences are usually minute and not game breaking, and they can also go both ways. In multi platform developed titles there will always be differences, since publishers won't spend more money than they have to to get games working on the different platforms.

A few frames, a graphical effect missing isn't that big of a deal. Those who play games on both consoles know they both have their pros and cons. Desperately focusing on one slim aspect is just sad...

Darkeyes3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

"This gen some of the biggest & best titles are multiplat and I wouldn't want to settle for sloppy seconds when it comes to games like Resident Evil 5, Fallout 3, Red Faction: Guerilla "

Dude you do settle down for sloppy second cause all those games look best on a PC with 16xAA and better textures. What do you have to say about that. Oh ya I also remember that L4D2 is also on PC, oh wait, even Splinter Cell is on PC, so is Alan in the dark and Mass Effect 2... Oh and that too with better graphics... So even in the exclusives department, you end up with the SLOPPY SECOND. Sucks to only own a 360.

Yup Soda pop... at least the PS3 exclusives show what true graphics are. And all those so called '360 exclusives' can be experienced on my 720... My high end PC.

Nathan1233259d ago

Good points Darkeyes. What do you have to say about that Soda Pop? Sloppy second sure seems to appeal to you when a 360 exclusive comes along.

Next time think of covering all the ends before talking trash cause it can back fire as well.

TheBlackSmoke3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

PS3 first party exclusive article = "da graphics dont matter its all about teh gameplay"

360 vs PS3 graphics comparison favouring 360 if you use a magnifying glass = "haha we get teh SUPERIOR graphical version"

360 vs PS3 graphics comparison with equal outcome = "buh buh xbox live is superior"

PS3 exclusive with high meta score = "yeah but it dont sell as much as teh halos" (even tho USA is not the world, but ok)

So sick of reading the same sh1t everyday, honestly do we really need to beat this dead horse any longer? We know ghostbusters looks better on 360 but honestly no one cares except the fanboys trying to validate their purchase.

Unicron3259d ago

"I'm just glad I get to play the premium versions of multiplat games."

Sooooooo... Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2?

36T3259d ago

Could you quit it with mentioning PC all the damn time. Does it make you feel better (since you're obviously mad at something)that you can support Microsoft without having an Xbox? Why all you losers bring up PC in an article comparing CONSOLES is beyond me. PC does have better graphics without a doubt, but honestly, i would take gaming on a console over PC in a heartbeat each and every time the choice was available.

Instead of complaining like a little child on N4G, why don't you go and play some of those AWESOME games you have mentioned on you're godly PS3 or "my 720... My high end PC".

Darkeyes3259d ago

Dude I mentioned the PC mainly to answers Soda pops crap written by him. If he can post crap like Sloppy Second, then I just posted facts how the 360 gets Sloppy Second exclusive. Tell me where the hell am I wrong? The PC always gets the best looking ports due to hardware benefits. First just read Soda pops crap and then come and bite me. I never start a fight with someone or post BS crap, but some 360 fanboys on the site really behave like 8 year olds.

Yup I proudly own a high end gaming rig and buy all the so called 360 exclusives like Mass Effect and Gears on it and enjoy them with better graphics. Yes it's my 720.. at least it costs like one. And I own a PS3 mainly to play the PS3 exclusives which can only be experienced on PS3+ multi-plats like COD4 (The ones with no online like Assassin's Creed/Bioshock are bought on PC again due to graphical benefits).

Even I choose a console over a PC, but still I am not blind enough to see the graphical benefits I get from a PC.I also admire the 360 exclusives and am happy that I can experience games like Splinter Cell, Alan Wake on my PC. Don't the 360 fanboys boast the fact that multi-plats are better as if the difference is so striking that it irks the eye on the PS3 version, even though the difference is minute (barring Ghostbusters)?

I just posted fact and I feel I hit a nerve when I commented about that '360 exclusive' part.. If you don't like it don't read my post the next time.

tuglu_pati3259d ago

@ Ultimoli

"Still bragging about multiplatform games and yet not one game can match up against Uncharted or Killzone 2...not to mention Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots."

you are beginning to sound like nasim. Xbox 360 have games coming up that look as good as those games you mentioned thinking otherwise just makes you a blind fan.
Uncharted 2
SC: Conviction

Killzone 2
Alan Wake

Syronicus3259d ago

Bringing up the PC is perfectly relevant since it is a relevant platform. Arguing that there is a number of games exclusive to a platform is one thing but one needs to know if that game is available on the PC then it is not exclusive. The sad part of this is that journalists spread the lies about exclusivity and ignore the PC gamers. They too have a relevant platform and it should get just as much press as the 360.

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kewlkat0073259d ago

I have no plans to change that until certain areas of PSN is up to snuff and really see the difference....

Syronicus3259d ago

I play COD4 all the time and on the PSN it is free. I have helped a dozen buddies of mine over to the PS3 due tot his. No fees to simply play the game as it comes. When I pay 60 bucks, I get to play the game as it is supposed to be played on or off-line. I like Live as much as the next guy but as of this year, I have stopped playing online with Live due to the fees. The PSN is a true competitor as of late and the cons of PSN do not outweigh the price I had to pay to play online with the 360.

In other words, I can live with a few missing pixels or textures if it means I can play the game online for free.

king dong33259d ago

multi-plats for the 360 and exclusives for the ps3.

acheivements, and live with my pals dictates what i buy my multi-plats for.

to the person above, live aint nothing when you have a job! i paid 30 euros for my 12month subs off of ebay. its nice have a free on-line system with the ps3. but, seeing the things it lacks easily helps justify the price for live.

Syronicus3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

Having a job does not make the principle of paying for a service that should be free go away. I would rather take that 50 bucks and get a game and play it online for free with the PS3. I will say that games for the 360 are great and the online is great as well but when I can play the same game on the PS3 and do it for free, yeah, I will spend that 50 bucks elsewhere.

I game online and the PSN allows me to do that, for free. Having a job does not make Live cost any less...

king dong33259d ago

i agree and i dont agree.

i play on-line with all of my consoles. the wii is rubbish on-line, but the ps3/360 are both great! just that for me, the price of live is hardly worth mentioning(unless money is tight), and for the things live does better than the psn easily justify 30euros/dollars(yeah the exchange rate is about the same) that i pay!

36T3259d ago (Edited 3259d ago )

Anybody have job openings where they work? I ask because i know this PS fanboy called Syronicus that i assume is looking for one by his comment.

"I like Live as much as the next guy but as of this year, I have stopped playing online with Live due to the fees."

It's $60 a year buddy. Somebody that collects cans in the park is more likely making more money then you do.

Syronicus3259d ago

Oh the irony. You can say what you want but in the end, I explained myself and if you don't believe it, then so be it. I'm secure with my decision to play online without paying. Heck, people do it all the time on the PC, why not ont he consoles? I guess all those PC players must be out of work too...

36T3259d ago

"A user witht he name 36T calling somebody else a fanboy...Oh the irony."

You're point would be what exactly?

"I'm secure with my decision"

That's nice to know. Hopefully you'll sleep better tonight.

Shouldn't you be playing inFAMOUS or Killzone 2? How much were those games? Oh wait.. too expensive? How much did that PC of yours cost?

Anbody that owns a PS3 and PC, complaining about the Xbox Live fee, is just trying to start sh1t and you are one of them.

Syronicus3259d ago

As I stated early on, it's not about the cost or my ability to pay for it, its all about the principal of it and how if other companies let you game online for free, so should the 360. With the other two avenues, PS3 and PC allowing me to play online for free, why bother paying for the 360's Live? In the end, I have plenty on the other two platforms to play online that spending the 50 bucks a year for Live seems pointless. You can keep slamming me for it but in the end, the argument you are working here was fabricated by your inability to read my posts correctly and your silly assumptions that I could not afford to pay for Live.

And as for your user name... I think that anybody with a user name like yours and who is hostile to somebody like me who does not agree with paying for Live is clearly the only fanboy between the two of us.