Dragon Quest IX Panic Starts Now

"Reservations for the eagerly awaited DS role-playing-game Dragon Quest IX have started in Japan with some stores opening early."

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SpoonyRedMage3314d ago

haha, Japan are DQ crazy! and there's KH in the background as well!

MajestieBeast3314d ago

sadly it had to be a handheld game i own a ds but i would much rather play it on my tv.

PS360WII3314d ago

I understand the appeal but I'd much rather be able to play it where ever I go :)

Jdoki3314d ago

My only concern with DQ on DS is that they don't tailor it to suit a handheld.

Most people use handlhelds in shorter bursts (train journeys etc). So DQIX will need to fit that type of usage.

For me, the biggest failings of RPG's on DS (and PSP) is that they work in the 'traditional' style of being longer, and more drawn out between saves (Crisis Core on PSP is a good example of this problem).

PS360WII3314d ago

not for a lot of handheld gamers. I put in hour sessions with my DS. I've had a full charge and went till it was dieing and plugged it in while taking the cart out and popped it in my other one so I could keep playing :)

Handheld do not equal 'only play for 5 mins' and neither does Dragon Quest.

Jdoki3314d ago

If MS wanted to really gain a foothold in Japan it would secure a Dragon Quest exclusive (and not a side project). Guaranteed to shift a few million boxes!

Even Halo can't compare... Shops opening early to take PRE-ORDERS... Wow!

Be interesting to see the hardware figures for DS once DQIX eventually drops in Japan.

SpoonyRedMage3314d ago (Edited 3314d ago )

I think DQ is the franchise Square Enix really cares and wouldn't want to tarnish. It's also probably the one franchise they wouldn't put on a MS console.

It's guaranteed to sell well, DQM Joker sold over 1.5 million and got quite a bit of merchandise.

Iwata alos said he's going to try and push Dragon Quest, especially in the west because he wants to make it as big aas Pokémon.

EDIT: I think it'll be portabilised a bit as well because it at least have a quick save function like the other DS RPGs and it will most likely have shorter dungeons like those in DQM Joker or FF:CC: Echoes of Time.

kesvalk3314d ago

i really want this game... as well as blood of bahamut and english KH days