Avatars: What Can You Do?

Microsoft has set out stringent guidelines for developers wishing to use avatars in their games.

Avatars are not allowed to have their own voice, "excrete obscene bodily fluids or substances" or "hold, be seen around or partake in any controlled substances or paraphernalia including, but not limited to, alcohol, tobacco and drugs".

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USMCj2922d ago

Gay gay gay gay gay. Dammit microsoft why can't I just get my guy drunk.

Blaze9292921d ago

I want my avatar to be holding a blunt and 40 oz when people view my profile :(

ASSASSYN 36o2922d ago

I wish I could shoot my avatar.

GiantEnemyCrab2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

MS really knows how to take fun out of fun.

I too would love to shoot my avatar.. Dumbest and more worthless thing I've ever seen Xbox do.. and that is saying a lot.

I love it when something is supposed to represent me and then is filtered by someone like MS who then tells me what I represent.