Strategy Informer: Damnation Review

Damnation promises so much but delivers so little that it's barely worth playing. Switch off your brain completely and it's almost bearable for half an hour at a generous push, but you'll be too distracted by pop-in, slowdown, clipping and other inexplicably bad technical issues to really enjoy the experience. If by some bizarre fluke this gets a sequel – and on the basis of this hideous tripe, it really doesn't deserve one – Strategy Informer strongly urges developer Blue Omega to spend some serious time tightening up the core mechanics of the game and scrubbing the visuals up to the standards people expect from games these days.

In fact, scratch that. They strongly urge the developer to tear down their mechanics and start from the beginning. This doesn't look anywhere near how a game built using the Unreal Engine 3 should look. The concept may be solid, but Damnation should be cast into a fiery pit for all eternity. Damnation? Abomination would be more apt. Avoid.

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