Why the backlash towards Wii MotionPlus?

MotionPlus finally being released is ushering in 1:1 gaming, unfortunately many gamers have backlashed this new peripheral claiming the tech should have been released at launch.

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Product3312d ago

Atleast we have it. $20 extra for 1:1 is alright in my book.

Uncharted 2_Goty20093312d ago

Should have been standard. Now someone else will take advantage by having true 1:1 motion controls as such.

Product3312d ago

"Now someone else will take advantage by having true 1:1 motion controls as such. "


Seferoth753312d ago

So should Rumble in the Sixaxis. I guess its wrong for Nintendo to charge 20.00 for an add on when they should have went the Sony route and made a whole new controller for 60.00 for people to buy..

@ Product, If you look at their name it will answer all your questions about their comment. I know it did mine

xabmol3312d ago

He's just another new account. His last one was Conviction_Goty2009, and he played a MS fanboy.

Mods here need to figure out a way to stop all these multi account trolls. It's really killing this site for me. =[

LastDance3312d ago (Edited 3312d ago )

sony were in the middle of a lawsuit because of the rumble situation.

nintendo weren't.

Australian retail = wii mote = $69.95
Nun-chuck = $29.95
Motion plus = $29.95
----------------------------- ------
That's for one player.

poopsack3312d ago

I didnt know rumble was required for many future games making it obligatory to buy the Dualshock 3.

xabmol3312d ago

GoW3 will require rumble.

SaiyanFury3312d ago (Edited 3312d ago )


Why is it you drudge up something against Sony when the article doesn't even contain the word "Sony"? Do you have some irrational fear of the PS3 or something? No kidding the SIXAXIS isn't perfect, everyone already knows that. So Nintendo's trying to improve their experience, that's a good thing for Nintendo gamers, and they're trying to offer it at a reasonable price.

3312d ago
SaiyanFury3311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

Wow, whatever you said to me must have been quite inflammatory to have it removed by a moderator. I merely asked why you felt the need to drudge up things against Sony when Sony isn't mentioned in the article. I'll never defend Sony as perfect. They should have dealt with the Immersion thing a lot sooner, and yes the DualShock 3 should have been released alongside the first PS3s. But at least they finally swallowed their pride and did good by offering this gen's DS. Should it have been dealt with first? Of course. But at least it finally came. They've made mistakes but at least they deal with said mistakes.

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peeps3312d ago

it should have been there from the start since really it's doing what the wii was always meant to do BUT you can't really complain about it, just gotta be glad that it's finally hear. i know it might actually convince me to buy a wii now (i played wii sports golf ages ago and hated how you could just wave your arms about and still win)

Baka-akaB3312d ago


The six axis was a rip off for sure .
However half the publicity around and before the wii's release were promise that are only now fullfilled with the motion plus .
Wich is one of the reason it pisses me off , and i dont feel yet like buying the addon .

Seferoth753312d ago

Please provide a link from NIntendo to prove they promised 1:1 motion. You're pissed at your own ignorance of a product and want to lay the blame on anyone but the person responsible.. You.

Gr813312d ago

Just curious, what do u think of the PS360's motion control 'alternatives'?

Marty83703312d ago

Not accurate, false claims of 1:1.

ChickeyCantor3312d ago

I would like to see those claims.

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