Age of Conan: Per Storløkken on Update 5

IncGamers caught up with Per Storløkken, associate producer on Age of Conan, to ask him about the upcoming Update 5.

In the interview, Per discusses the design philosophy of Tarantia Commons, especially the new rooftop combat feature, and the impact that will have on PvP. The storyline will be quite interesting too:

"Since this is a city area we had to take even more care with the storyline than we would have had to otherwise. Blaming wild animals for your misfortune doesn't work that well in the city. It was decided early that the majority of the quests should be devoted to the main storyline."

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Maticus3376d ago

Can't wait for Update 5 to arrive, it will really change the game.

AndyA3376d ago

Like the idea of rooftop combat.

Leord3376d ago

Hehe, a little Assassin's Creed in the feeling there :)

Medievaldragon3376d ago

sounds good. More lore and battles. Less animal killing boredom.

Fyzzu3376d ago

Okay, rooftop combat sounds kind of cool, but I can see a lot of insta-deaths from falling off.

Malfurion3376d ago

That's what makes it exciting!

Dorjan3376d ago

I fear all these fixes of AoC is far too late... but.. but! Keep them coming for the AoC fans and players :)