Left 4 Dead 2: Will it be a boom or a major bust?

LA PC Game Examiner writes, "Ultimately, is Valve trying to turn us into mindless consumer happy zombies that will gladly feast on regurgitated content, or is this a truly independent product that will deliver a strong sequel while maintaining the brilliance of the first title?

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-MD-3311d ago (Edited 3311d ago )

"Left 4 Dead 2: Will it be a boom or a major bust?"

I'm sure it'll sell just fine.

Edit: lol @ disagree, bitter PS3 fanboys.

Chicken Chaser3311d ago

I guess they haven't read the article..they just saw the headline. thought it was bad and approved it

from the article:
" To be quite frank, regardless of the changes and improvements developers make, it will be a smash hit."

"About 3 million copies sold in comparison to 35,000 known protesters is just a fraction. Not to mention, how many of those 35,000 people will actually not buy Left 4 Dead 2?"