Want Some BioShock Belt Bling?

After seeing this, I sure do. Technabob has a rather sweet BioShock belt buckle made by '[email protected]' (Matthew Borghatti). Now fans can show their love for the game as we all anxiously await BioShock 2's release (due Nov. 23rd). But wait! That's not all, read on to see how this fabulous piece of trouser art was made.

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jessehaysfl3100d ago

so is this bioshock thing a new Wrestling Game?

BabyColada3099d ago

This is a belt, though a Bioshock wrestling game sounds pretty interesting.

jessehaysfl3099d ago

yeah I was trying to be funny......

lindquist3099d ago

If I was black, I'd trade in my grandma for that belt.

Tony P3099d ago

I confess your comment has confounded me.

Nelson M3099d ago

Fall Down than wear that Stupid Belt

Rhezin3099d ago

but you know it's what all the xbots are wearing, they love this stuff to go along with their master queef helmet.