Top Ten Games Due For a Remake: Part 1

Due to Hollywood and the film industry's obsession with remaking every movie or television series ever made, we thought it's about time to create a list of classic video game titles that are due for a remake. Is your favorite game on the list?

Pleasing everyone in a top ten list is an impossible task, for everybody's opinion is different, but also valid. For this reason, we thought we would list the favorites from around the Gamerz Ink office to get things started, and let the community(you guys!) fill in the rest. Check back often to see what new inclusions have been added.

To be on the list a game must be at least five years old, supported by a detailed reason or quality that would warrant a remake. After careful cherry picking of entries we receive by the Gamerz Ink office mascot, Miles the Chimp, we will compile the complete list for everyone's analysis and scrutiny.


Von's Choice

Game: Faxanadu
System: NES
JP November 17, 1987
US November 16, 1989
EU December 28, 1990

Qualities: A side-scrolling RPG for the NES, Faxanadu was an epic adventure title where the player took control of an unnamed protagonist in a bid to save the World Tree. With a more Adult feel than most games at the time, Faxanadu's visuals and character design emitted a style similar to H.R Giger.

Reason for remake: Being such an old title, a remake would give the Playstation generation a chance to play a game that was not widely accepted the first time round, while offering a contrast to today's JRPG.

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Kesalin3345d ago

Besides the Commander Keen series I reckon Captain Comic is another title worthy of a remake!