Mr. President: We Have a Challenge For You

Peter Moore: My ears perked up earlier this week when I read some of the news reports following President Obama's remarks at the annual meeting of the American Medical Association in Chicago. During the President's speech on health care reform, he said: "It means going for a run or hitting the gym, and raising our children to step away from the video games and spend more time playing outside."

As a father of three and someone who spends many a morning or lunch hour out on a run and/or in the gym, I applaud the President urging Americans to get off the couch and get active. Of course, I can't resist pointing out that while I've always wholeheartedly endorsed moderation in anything you do, including playing games, it may be time for the President and his family to put their Wii to good use and fire up the 30-Day Challenge with EA SPORTS Active. This is a "game" even the President may not want to "step away" from.

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lord_of_balrogs3377d ago

"Mr. President, here is my challenge to you: Try EA SPORTS Active and I guarantee you’ll need aides saying ‘Yes You Can!’ to finish your first workout.”"
This made my day.

Daishi3377d ago

What will make my day is if Obama responds!

Smacktard3377d ago

Oh Jesus, that sounded like an infomercial. The ones with those really cheesy women who say stuff like... well, exactly what Moore said.

KionicWarlord2223377d ago

lol....EA SPORTS Active

Peter moore wants the president to play the wii...peter moore laugh his butt off when he said that.

qface643377d ago

he has a wii might as well put it to use

BLuKhaos3377d ago

Correction, his daughters have a Wii.

xabmol3377d ago

Disband the Constitutionally ILLEGAL IRS!!

Like to see him respond to that one. =]

n4g-gamer3377d ago

I also have a Challenge to obama, How about you try not to Quadruple the deficit and do grow a pair, foreign leaders don't respect you.

king dong33377d ago

have more respect for obama, than dubya could've ever dreamed of earning! obama makes george dubya bush look like the un-educated idiot he was! not only is obama highly respected, he's also treated like a mega-star over here in europe.

i've got nothing against america(i just dont like its foreign policy concerning isreal....but it's got to be expected with so many rich and influential jews in the states), and it's good to see an american president setting things straight, and letting everyone know that america are the good guys. and not the bad guys like dubya almost succeeded in doing.

Lifendz3377d ago (Edited 3377d ago )

there's essetially no other way out of a depression, barring a major war like WWII, but the government spending to create jobs and other programs? I'm not for the excessive spending either, but when the U.S. infrastructure is literally collapsing before my eyes, and the prior president allowed capitalism to run abrupt while simultaneously spending trillions on a War with a country that didn't attack anyone, etc, etc, I can't really fault the current pres for doing the best he can with a bad situation.

Foreign leaders do respect Obama. The guys that are acting up now are the same people that were crazy/dictators during Bush's administration. So what's changed? They really respected Bush, huh? North Korea and Iran developed Nuclear programs during Bush's time in office so what are you talking about?

On point though, I admire that the Pres is doing all he can to try to get us to improve our own family and lifestyles. When he says put the controller down he's not speaking to the guy that lives in moderation; he's speaking to the guy that only plays games while his children learn nothing other than daddy's not to be bothered during COD4.

If you're taking care of "business," and games are just an escape, I don't think you should be offended. Obama's not talking to you. But if you're playing games at the expense of your or your children's education, then you should maybe take a good look in the mirror.

Syronicus3377d ago (Edited 3377d ago )

G.W. warned congress against the credit that was being issued to those who did not have the incomes to support it and they did nothing. When called to the carpet, the democrats were left holding the bag and moved to discuss other issues since that would bring an unhealthy light tot he "Hope and Change" campaign...

In the end, no US President should take over financial institutions and no, in no circumstance should he or she be taking over major corporations like GM or Chrysler. Now with media groups setting up base in the white house itself and giving no means for objective discussions on healthcare... You can see that America is falling tot he way of Socialism.

Sadly enough, there are a few that would put Obama before their country and fellow countrymen and follow blindly down a path that has yet to work for any other country. Government run finances, corporations and now healthcare... Please, even Vladimir Putin warns against such actions and look at the state Russia is in... They went downt he same path and it failed for them too.

Obama is not evil, he is just a noob in the oval office and knows nothing of what America is all about.

On a side note, G.W. might not have been the sharpest tool in the shed but you never had countries like North Korea threatening to shove a nuke down his throat like you see with Obama... Makes me wonder, will he act before hand or will he let a few million people die first then act... with harsh language... Good gravy Obama, grow a pair of balls already.

Lifendz3377d ago

You say the pres should grow a pair. What exactly would you like to see him do to/or about North Korea?

bigboss9113377d ago

"G.W. warned congress against the credit that was being issued to those who did not have the incomes to support it and they did nothing. When called to the carpet, the democrats were left holding the bag and moved to discuss other issues since that would bring an unhealthy light tot he "Hope and Change" campaign..."

Thank you for understanding how everything works in this country. More or less the President is a figure head. Congress has more power than him. BU bu but Bush created a war bu bu bu... You do realise guys that in order to go to war Congress has to vote on it right? Bu bu bu he tricked us, he a trixy hobbit. No the president does not have that kind of power. Trust me, even as a republican saying this, he wasnt too bright.
Oh yeah "teh hope and change!!!" Then why is everything getting worse? How do you f that up? I didnt think either candidate was fit to lead this time, but seriously? Oh and that stimulus crap... wow just wow...... Hope= hope no one votes for you the second time. Change= still coming out of our pockets...

Syronicus3377d ago

Well for starters... Have him take a lesson from JFK, Nixon, and Reagan. Take a stand and be a man about this. You would be amazed at how many times a country was eliciting anger from the US and the Pres simply stood up to a microphone and demanded a falling back of our enemies and actions were taken. There was even a time when a President simply loaded up a few bombers and had the press take pictures of them for the sole purpose of scaring the crap out of an enemy of the States into submission.

When you have the luxury of being called the last great super power of the world, you have the ability to call these guys to the carpet and words, harsh words have an impact. If that does not work then you take them out with force. Heck, the No-Ko's have not abided by the agreements they signed to get off of the terrorist list nor have they abided by the Geneva accords so to say the least, China as well as a few others would gladly help take out the trash.

In the end, it would be nice to see something rather than this mamsy-pamsy crap that Obama is pursuing. Rather than worrying about his flimsy reputation, he might want to show North Korea what we will do if they keep it up and at the same time show Iran and others what we will do, and that does not include lying down and taking a biznitch slapping.

Also, for those who served as I did we know that the US has the will to see the world become a free world, free of tyranny and free for human rights to succeed. In the past, Presidents have all stood for these right across the world and last week, Obama failed in this. Rather than standing up and saying he disagreed with the results of the vote that took place in Iran, he talked in his typical mamsy-pamsy way and shook it off. Even if he would have questioned the legitimacy of the results as many of us did, I would have been happy but instead he is once again, too worried about his rep, that as I might point out is declining in popularity over here in the States.

If he keeps it up, his popularity will drop and the rest of the world will see just how cowardly he is. Hopefully it does not take a nuke at the shores of Hawaii for him to wake up and smell the angst that these countries have for him and how deep their hate goes for us.

Lifendz3377d ago (Edited 3377d ago )

4 years in the U.S. Army. But I wanted to see what you'd say and you essentially called for a display of physical force. No one is getting called to the carpet. These are world leaders and not E1s that failed to clean the latrine. We live in an age of nuclear proliferation. Times have changed dramatically since the age of Reagan let alone Nixon and Kennedy. The days of flashing muscle and scaring everyone away is simply at an end. And our military is spent from fighting a war waged by a madman seeking revenge for an attempted assassination attempt of his father.

To embark upon another unilateral war with not just one nation but two would be tantamount to embarrassing ourselves on the global stage or a nuclear war.

I think war should be the last option. Perhaps if we hadn't engaged in a war with Iraq for that past 6 years (has it been that long? Wow.) I might be inclined to drop a bomb on someone or make some threats.

As is enlistment is down substantially. If we're going to do as you propose then there'd better be a draft.

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