Major Nelson says, "The Xbox 360 guide will be faster!"

Gamer Limit reports, "Durring his latest podcast, posted on Sunday, June 22nd, 2009, Major Nelson and his co-host "e" confirmed that they have heard our cries and are doing their dead-level best to increase the speed of the Xbox 360 Guide."

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syvergy3313d ago

God I hope it does speed up, slow as hell atm.

lord_of_balrogs3313d ago

Lol, I just thought this was my connection and not Live. Good to know.

ChrisGTR13313d ago

i keep my friends list spam free. as in only 30 friends tops. usually just people i know, mine doesnt lag. im pretty shure you guys have over 50 hell maybe even at 100

dragunrising3313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

The delays are minor but bothersome. In addition to the sporadic delays, sometimes my dashboard freezes in access of 10 seconds. I have a Jasper so I’m less worried about RROD than E74. I only have the long delay when I mess with the original blades interface. It seems to be more of a problem when I send and check received messages.

Anyone have this issue?

I hope the update fixes the problem. Otherwise I have zero problems. My 360 NEVER runs more than warm (usually cool) and is "as" silent as my PS3; definitely a huge contrast from my first 360.

Blaze9293313d ago

I always just thought it was becuase of my new 120GB HDD i just bought for it. Yeah they seriously need to speed it up. glad that'll happen

Bnet3433313d ago

I seen peoples' Guide lag videios but mines doesn't lag as bad as theirs. It lags for like 1-2 seconds, not really bothersome for me.

AAACE53313d ago

Yeah I get lag as well, I just thought it was from my new 120 HDD. Didn't have as much of a problem with my 20 HDD.

Boody-Bandit3313d ago

I checked after every update to see if MS would speed the profile guide up and it never happens. It's a pain in the a55 when you receive a message while in game because you know how long it will take to address it regardless of the request.

This is like my biggest and possibly only remaining gripe I have with the 360 so I am pumped for this update to get here ASAP.

vhero3313d ago

Gonna be hard its down to the fact other things e.g. your game slows it down as its too graphical heavy.

maxcer3313d ago


i don't think the amount of people in your friends list matters that much as i have around 90 atm. if you watch some of the you-tube videos of the laggy guide its crazy how long it takes.

i think it might have to do with loading all of the friends you have online at that particular moment. I have noticed it getting slower but 5 seconds max, and it usually only happens with more than 25 friends signed in.

navyguy213313d ago

with it being somewhat slow (to load), but i get irritated with the frequent freezin up! It has got to the point where i have to make slow, deliberate scrolling through it to avoid it. Come on MS!!

3313d ago
locos853313d ago

I never thought for it to be slow. but if they are going to speed it up then better for all of us. The thing I do find slow is the game marketplace, it takes some time for the option to download a game or demo.

Martini3313d ago

Yeah it can be annoying, sometime it will freeze up for up to 20 seconds. It started after the new dashboard update last fall, it never did that before with the old dash.

FragMnTagM3313d ago

dude I have the same problem. I never have a problem with the mini dash, but the game demo screen on the other hand can take up to a minute give you the option to download sometimes.

Other than that, I have no problems with the NXE.

iANONYMOUS3313d ago

This might only occur to some people,
but mine seems to be working fine..
Although, the friends section is a bit of prob,
If I scroll too fast from 1-43, Bam! 30-43 took some time to load.
But, faster is better no?

Camper3313d ago

U get what u paid for

edgeofblade3307d ago

Actually, I have seen the guide running better since the downtime. It seems to be pulling down gamerpics better than before.

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Dimly3313d ago

Thank the maker! Does this mean Netflix streaming quality will increase? It's rubbish sometimes!

phosphor1123313d ago

The Guide is the menu that comes up, not the internet connection. Slow internet is because you have slow internet, and ugly Netflix is because Netflix can't stream high fidelity HD videos. It will stream HD (720p) but the data rates are low, thats why they look bad. Until MS gets their "instant" service, you won't have those kind of pictures yet.

really duh3313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

Speed does affect quality it was foolish of you to assume he was talking about resolution, 720p, Blu-ray ;) etc. The quality of the movie can be effected many ways from slow loading, screwed up rewind and FF function to jitter and artifacts.

For all you know he was saying he hopes for fixes across the board or fixes for the services he likes since they're working on this. Do you even own the 360? connection speeds can effect the response of the guide when the info is slow to be relayed/retrieved.

Traffic is major. I'v noticed the growth of XBL users lately based on the way it runs. At 2:00 am PST XBL works the way it did in 2007.

Arnon3313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

When he says the dashboard, it means the dashboard plus everything running in it. No no, obviously he means just scrolling through the main menu. lol.

KionicWarlord2223313d ago

ah...that 5 second delay can kill a man when he`s trying to right a hateful message to the guy who killed him...wait...

That was me.

Myst3313d ago

lol, that made me laugh.

ShabzS3313d ago

lol... been there done that ..... often

stevedawonder3313d ago

I know, its so...bad right now.

-MD-3313d ago

It's not THAT bad.. but it definitely has room for improvement.

JQ3313d ago

This has always been an issue - I would be thrilled to see some improvement.

chrisjc3313d ago

Haha I think it's hilarious that you got 3 disagrees on your comment. "No, us PS3-bots do not want the 360 to get a firmware update to increase functionality".


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