8.8 - Prototype Review

Finally a superhero game that really makes you feel like a superhero. Prototype still has some flaws but thankfully you're not a little bitch of a superhero.

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AKNAA3380d ago

" It's not, on the other hand, to have your "superhero" get tossed around like a b1tch when they clearly overpower the regular enemies."

I don't know if its just me, but it kinda sounds like he's trying to Put down infamous indirectly.
If he is Dissing infamous, he should just come out and say it! instead of being a b1tch about it.

Coolmanrico3380d ago

in before an infamous comment, but I'm too late. He wasn't dissing infamous, he was dissing superheros in general, who have all the power in the world and can't use them in the game. He even used spider-man as an example, sheesh.