UK High Street Retailer Selling Ghostbusters On Xbox 360

Rumours have been floating around since the UK launch of Ghostbusters on PS3 that one UK retailer was managing to sell the title on Xbox 360.

While the game's UK release date on Xbox 360 had been knocked back until around October, thanks to a move by Sony, fans wanting to get the game on Xbox 360 have managed to get their way, in the North East at least....

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Mindboggle3313d ago

This nothing new, none of the big retailers like GAME etc are allowed to import and sell American games and DVDs but these little shops get away with it. There is 2 in my area who all do it, and I saw an American 360 Ghostbusters in there yesterday...Along with Demon Souls Hong Kong version for PS3...

resistance1003313d ago

Small stores do it all the time, it import games which really keep them in business.