Rumour: Modern Warfare 2 Will Retail At £54.99 Minimum has received word from a reliable source in retail that certain high street games stores have been told Modern Warfare 2 will retail with a starting price of £54.99 in the UK and that 5 different SKUs are planned for launch...

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dangert123340d ago

i will w8 till it goes 2 normal price

DavidMacDougall3340d ago

For some reason over here games are normaly £40 but Infamous was £45?

Seems all games are going up

Pandamobile3340d ago

If it costs more that $50 USD I'm not buying it.

There's no reason for it to cost more than a normal new release.

Pandamobile3340d ago

Again. Activision isn't getting more than $50 out of me.

I know what £55 is.

Kushan3340d ago

$50 would be a bargain for a new game in the UK. That works out at something like £30, which does very occasionally happen for newer releases, but not always. I always stick to my guns and wait for a game to drop to around that price, but the RRP in the UK is like £45, which if you ask me is ridiculously expensive.

Fishy Fingers3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

Play £45

Amazon £45

Shopto £42

Game £45

Gamestation £45

Who writes these rumours? Seems retailers aint interested in what this "source" has to say.

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