Bit-Tech: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Review

Bit-Tech writes: "In the end though how Monster Hunter Freedom Unite will do in the west is likely going to be hampered by the diminishing popularity and rampant piracy on the PSP platform. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is a solid RPG and it's surprisingly addictive even if it is full of samey grinds and repetitive tasks, but unless you're an established fan of the series and are desperate to get the highest possible rank then it's not really a must-have title, nor anything you haven't seen before. Fetch-quests and player rankings are a dime a dozen these days".

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Myst3314d ago

I think this is a pretty fair and balanced review, though I think the main thing that will keep this from doing so well over here is probably the difficulty, amount of grinding you need to do to get an item, as well as lack of players nearby. Especially with people not even knowing of Ad-hoc's existence. I kind of wish some select cities would have gathering halls as London had, I would gladly drive to Chicago or New York to participate in one of those :/

TheIneffableBob3313d ago

bit-tech's reviews are generally high quality. I wonder why they don't get counted in review aggregate sites.

Myst3313d ago

Have they been counted in the past? If so and the support stopped it was probably because of the review score they gave being less than what people (mass majority) may have disapproved of. If they have never been supported then I have no clue. All I know is, finally this week has come!

GWAVE3313d ago (Edited 3313d ago )

I've been playing the fan translation of 2nd G (Freedom Unite) already, and for Monster Hunter fans, this game is a 10/10, no questions asked. And if you haven't played Monster Hunter, give it a try. You might like it.

Monster Hunter is one of those games where if you're playing it alone, it's incredibly boring and you simply cannot understand the hype in Japan surrounding it.

Yet, get yourself a Xlink Kai (or better yet, a group of PSP friends with the game), and you'll be hooked.

I mean, if you're playing the game alone, of COURSE it's a 7/10 (or even worse), but that's like playing World of Warcraft all by yourself on some hidden server and then judging the game based on that.

Oh, and I will say this: Monster Hunter is one of the only "strategic" 3rd-person action games on the market, in the sense that your victory is based on your reflexes and making intelligent decisions, not just mashing buttons Dynasty Warriors style.

Myst3313d ago

Well to be fair the reviewer may have given it a bad score because s/he may not have known about the improvements that have gone into it. I mean I remember the first Monster Hunter for PSP back in high school. One of the quests that you had to do as urgent was doing an ore run (you know when you hold them and have to dodge monsters). Not only were those monsters on a type of "Auto-targeting" system, but the slow run that you had was a pain in the arse.

Since then though the quest isn't auto-targeting, more weapons have been added, as well as more monsters.

*Shakes fist at the tigrex*

Personally this one I would give at least a 9.6 or something as a 10 still doesn't justify the game completely it's fun, but their are some kinks to still be worked out. Especially since when I went over to a friends house to play we sometimes experienced lag even though we were less than 5 feet away from each other.

I would also say get Ad-hoc party

TheIneffableBob3313d ago is a 7 a bad score? A 7 means a game is good.

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Bloodshedder3313d ago

a 7??????? why a 7????? 8 at least but a 7??? what a dumb guy to review this...

Socomer 19793313d ago

Ive never played monster hunter before but when I tried the demo i was sold. I have a 11 year old son who's just gone mad over monster hunter too.

why would the reviewer talk about sales? nobody cares about that except his boss maybe. idk.

with all these so called starving rpg fans you would think that monster hunter would do okay in america but again who cares? how does that stop me from buying it?

I have a friends. My friends have a psp. I tell friends buy monster hunter. Weve been friends before xboxlive ever existed. I mean its it hard to believe that a group of friends can stay connected on thier own and for free?

be_wrong3313d ago

7 is too low for this game. the game is simply incredible if you have the time to devote on it. this isn't a simple pick and play game. you really have to give a ton of hours for this. i've played more than 400 hours (counting monster hunter freedom 2) and still have fun playing it til now. playing it alone is challenging but with others it's simply fun no questions asked. this is meant for hard core gamers, casual won't be able to get along with it.

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