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Kristan Reed from Eurogamer writes:

"Mayhem-mongering has rarely been as fun as it was in Triumph's gleeful action-strategy title Overlord. Released a couple of years back, it was but a few tweaks away from classic status, combining elements of Pikmin, Dungeon Keeper and Fable to satisfying and comic effect. Dispensing cackling evil at every turn, it made us want to play the bad guy more often - and obviously you lot felt the same way. Sales of more than a million worldwide across PC, Xbox 360 and latterly PS3 turned Overlord into Codemasters' biggest new IP in years.

So, apart from perhaps requiring Brian Blessed's inimitable input, what else should go in the follow-up? More evil, obviously. More comedy headgear. Less suicidally dumb minions. A better-behaved camera system. At least some of these kinks (such as the absent mini-map) were ironed out in the belated PS3 release, Overlord: Raising Hell, but it still felt a little shy of the finished article. With numerous preview showings of the sequel demonstrating a ton of interesting new features, confidence was riding high that Dutch studio Triumph could go all-out and deliver not only a worthy follow-up, but, dare we say it, one of the highlights of the entire year."

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Chris3993382d ago

I did. Wasn't impressed at all (and I tried both versions). Don't know if I'll be picking this one up.

Reviewers usually don't fall in line with my tastes anyway.

Sangria3382d ago

I had that impression too when i was comparing PS3 and 360 version (which are identical, btw). A bit too much aliasing but it doesn't really matter to me, despite some technical weaknesses, Overlord has a great art style and is really funny, and this is exactly what i search for in games.

A beautiful game is useless if you don't enjoy it. However, i don't know if Overlord II is worth 70€ so i think i'll wait some months before buying it.

ptotoy3382d ago (Edited 3382d ago )

this reviewer must be an xbot.. there's total war and Dawn of War II for the pc. KZ2 and infamous for the ps3.. but if you're an xbot, yeah, no good games so far..

devilhunterx3382d ago

eurolamers are known xbots and patriotic. anything made in UK is given +1

Darkfiber3382d ago

Uh, the developer is Dutch. Since when is Holland in the UK? God damn stupid ass American kids know nothing about the world outside of their own country. Look at a map before embarrassing yourself next time.