GOONL!NE: Prototype Review

Jonathan Cullen, GOONL!NE: "It seems that since 2007 with the release of Crackdown, sandbox games are all the rage. Sucker Punch recently released inFamous for the PLAYSTATION 3, now Activision release Prototype and Ruffian Games are currently developing the sequel to the reigning king of the genre, Crackdown 2.

But for now, we must do with Prototype from Activision, where you play as Alex Mercer. As you start the game, Manhattan is in chaos as it seems to be gradually infected with a biological virus as the game progresses. You rewind throughout the game to piece together how it all started, but it all starts with you, lying in a morgue when your suddingly wake up. Something's happened to you, you're amnesiac now and dont remember a thing. Then out of nowhere, you realise that you've been infected with a different strain of the virus which you can use to your advantage.

Story aside for a minute, is Prototype worth £40/$60?

Simply put: no."

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If a 7/10 is not worth $60 then what is?