Who won E3's Motion Control War?

NowGamer: NowGamer conducts an overview of the three new motion control technologies presented at this year's E3, and survey's the office to find out which of the Big Three came out on top

Winner: Project Natal
Runner up: PS3 motion controller

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Sonyslave33382d ago

Natal owns sony and nintendo motion controller.

3381d ago
borgome3381d ago

Natal obviously, because sony doesn't got have jack, and the Wii is old news.

GWAVE3382d ago (Edited 3382d ago )

Nintendo won it, obviously, since they have the only system where motion controls come as the standard. They're also the only ones this gen who have proven they can take a first-party peripheral and make it almost as much of a standard as the "normal" controller (the WiiFit balance board).

But between Natal and PSMotion (not really sure what they're calling it), my vote of confidence goes with PSMotion. Yeah, their tech demo was just that: a crappy-looking tech demo. Yet the things they demonstrated (yes, demonstrated, not just showed off a video trailer) ran circles around Natal without question, and it seems far more practical for conventional gaming purposes.

Kaliumhest3382d ago

The real question is: where is it? Bam. There it is.

JsonHenry3382d ago

I think that Natal **COULD** be used to make on hell of an adventure/mystery game/survival horror game. But the PS3-thingy looks like I could easily play any type of game with it.

So unless the 360 will allow for controllers in your hand, I have to say I think it would be easier to get a decent game out of the PS3 motion control.

In the end, it really all comes down to execution. Will either one actually be able to pull off a decent game with their controllers? The Wii is just now getting games I think look like fun (Red Steel 2, the conduit).

I will stick with my PC for the sure fire fun, and hold on to my two consoles in the hopes they come up with something good.

deshon093382d ago

african American can play the ps eye and the ps stick

mastiffchild3382d ago

My grandpa would laugh his balls off! Oh, another war! "Yeah G you might have fought Hitlers worst at El Alamein but I was a footsoldier in the console wars and got slightly chafed when they escalated into what we all feared-The Motion Control Wars, a war started by Nintendo. The scary basta£$s."

Motion control wars my arse. We have't even played anything which shows what M+ can do yet let alone the other damn things and, also, is this the first war where absolutely noone gives a toss? Some might pretend for fanboy reasons but they don't care and those who like their motion controls don't see any fekkin war anyway.

AKNAA3382d ago

Hmmm, what if its late at night and I want to relax and play some games in my bedroom? but can't cause I gotta be in the living room in order not to break everything surrounding me?!

Anon19743382d ago

It sure seems to have the media fooled, but you really think gamers are going to want to jump up and down in front of their screens like idiots to make Master Chief take on the Covenant? Of course not.

When I get home from work, the last thing I want to do is leap around in front of my television. I want to sink into my couch, have a coke and switch off for an hour.

That's why the PS3 motion demo appealed to me, and they mentioned this in the article. They actually showed you how it could be used with traditional games, games I would actually want to play. I'm not spending what little gaming time I have making elephant shapes with my buddies and throwing virtual paint on the screen. Natal was aimed right at the casuals. Gamers look elsewhere.

Tsar4ever013381d ago

Everybody knows that Microsoft won the Motion Sensor show. everybody STILL talking about. It's even talked and demoed on f**king night and day talkshows.

callahan093381d ago

After playing Tiger Woods 10 on the Wii, all I can say is I cannot wait for the PS3 motion controllers so that I can get Tiger Woods 11 and play another perfect one-to-one golf game, but with much better HD graphics and more accessible online play.

And yeah, I believe that a Wiimote w/ Wii MotionPlus or a PS3 Motion Controller (as demoed) would be much more accurate, reliable, and comfortable to use for a golf game. Tangibility for the win.

Your A Towel3381d ago

why can't ps3 owners just be acceptable that Natale is better. It is totally new and fresh. I think sony is just copying the wii motion controllers. Natale is truley amazing with it's features. Sony fanboys are always on this site and it is really bugging me there always complaining and talking down on xbox but i'll say look at numbers and i love my xbox and i dont need some fanboys talking down what me and my friends think is truley amazing. Disagree me and keep your dumb sony pride with you tools. Natale Ftw!!!!
Ps: i like some ps3 owners just not the ones who hate xbox. UP

Darkeyes3381d ago

Dude why can't 360 fanboys except that Natal is virtually useless in playing shooters which is 360's biggest market. Just remove the thick coat covering your eyes and accept the fact that Natal is for casual gamers. Just tell me how the hell will you move with it, or reload with it? Aiming and taking headshots will be tough as hell and what if the thing glitches while playing online like it did at the showing (that foot of Avatar thing?) Don't tell me it's great for playing mini games.

I ain't saying PS controller is better than Natal or something like that. Only reason I feel the PsC has more potential is cause of it's 1:1 accuracy. Think of it like a hardcore Wii. That is why I feel PsC appeals to me more.

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Jack Klugman3382d ago (Edited 3382d ago )

sony showed nothing but the copy cat wii motion. while ms got the press and the attention for bringing it to another level. nobody cares or even mentions the copy cat women pleasure 5000 that sony threw together. when people see that they are going to just buy a wii.

mrv3213382d ago

Haha, wait you being serious....

Microsoft copied Sony with the whole 3D camera thing... just like to point it out.

So I'd just like to point shut up fanboy..

I am a fanboy of games, I like to call myself a gamer, I play good games which are fun or push boundries... regardless of system.

clixx333382d ago

Yeah....these articles should end any day now guys. /sarcasm.

ape0073382d ago

the wii-motion plus make my head explode when I think how much potential it has

natal and ps motion are very limited,natal,you can't run,walk,run,climb but it looks interseting,ps3 motion looks so accurate and spot on but the big mistake imo is the lack of an analoge stick,so it will be limited

wii motion plus has 1:1 controles+THE NUNCHUK,which have infinte potential imo,in wii motion + you can mix all your games,with 1:1 no matter how big and grand your game is.

hope to see more about natal(it may work perfect for boxing games) as well as sony add an analoge or something attached to the ps3 motion

poopsack3382d ago

im sure theyll add it, it was just a prototype after all.

Cenobia3382d ago

I thought the 'PSMotion' had analogue sticks on it. They're going to have to add something. One analog stick on each controller would be perfect, even if they're like the PSP's.

The major flaw I see in Natal is not being able to move around. You can only really move a foot in each direction, so walking through the game would be kind of difficult. Unless you're into walking in place.

beardpapa3381d ago

i thought on the E3 demo of the PSmotion they mentioned it having analog buttons or somethin.

PHIL10173381d ago

he is an usher. he need to see the doctor.

ape0073381d ago (Edited 3381d ago )

DAMN,don't take things so serios,u look oh so emotionaly offended,don't worry,it's a piece of plastic,nothing will come out and eat u XD,it's games it's fun and it's my view,it may change the time I see games for ps motion,natal or wii motion plus,im open minded,don't cry againg please

the REAL THING IS,all of u just stop comparing these two motion controls,you'r wasting your time,we still have not seen anything,I hope they have hardcore AAA titles,it's so abvious that ms and sony wanna take on the casual market and I hate casual games,I can't stand them

so please,no offense next time,we are gamers,we have to respect each other.ok,tell your opinion,don't bash other opinions,we need to have nice discutions here not FLAMEFIGHTS.K

PHIL10173378d ago

im just want to teasing with you. get a grip. lol.

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