Video Game Warzone #47: The Problem With Pixel Counters

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "take time in this podcast to speak the truth and give Beyond 3D and The Lens Of Truth the finger. I have a right mind to get both games to further prove that the PS3 version is as equally beautiful as the 360's, but it's time for the podcast."

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Sonyslave33342d ago

Sorry Tor but everybody by know the ps3 version is inferior.

Jack Klugman3342d ago

the pixel counters aka droids are to blame for this and they have lost so much this gen that graphics are the one and only thing they can hang on to and even that will be going away soon. when it backfires like with most multiplatform games they try and distance themselves from it or pass blame out of desperation.

Sonyslave33342d ago

agree sonyfanboys started this stupid graphic only matter war.

Jack Klugman3342d ago

sorry mr torrence everybody knows the ps3 version is without a doubt inferior and your about 3 days late. they started all the graphic whoring this gen so dont care or feel the least bit sympathetic when the pixels dont count in their favor.

really duh3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

I agree with them when they talk about 360 fans being mad at the devs is really stupid although I have never come across any 360 fans wanting revenge nor do I see elite 360 media attacking the game or the devs.

As for the two different versions I don't see how people can say they're are the same the PS3 version is clearly inferior. Bashing lens of truth won't change the fact IGN and Eurogamer and others have said the PS3 version is inferior.

I also like the fact TD talked about the lower resolution discount plead that was ridiculous.

Sonyslave33342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

LOL identical my ass even the developers said the ps3 version is not on the 360 level.

Tempjf3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

I agree with you man just spreading the news:

"PS3 Ghostbusters is 56% Xbox resolution, not 75%"

really duh3342d ago

I never noticed how Pro PS3 hiphop gamer is until now.

George Costanza3342d ago

It was pretty obvious, I don't mind the guy or anything but he has a few traits that I'm not too fond of.

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