Top 5 Xbox 360 exclusives of all time that every current and future Xbox gamer must play!

Choosing games on a budget in this day and age can be a tough decision, wanting to make sure the game you buy isn't the game you trade in after a couple of weeks. There's also the Xbox 360 first time buyers, with such a vast array of games now available on the Xbox 360, what do you choose?

This list is what I believe to be the Xbox's best exclusives available to purchase now in the shops and they can be bought for a very reasonable price. The list is in no particular order but they are all must haves.

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SpoonyRedMage3378d ago

Ehh, alright list. Some predictable choices.

Lost Odyssey should be added.

-MD-3378d ago

I rented LO awhile back but only got 30 minutes into it and stopped... I feel I should give it another go because I hear great things.

MisterNiwa3378d ago (Edited 3378d ago )

The greatest Round Based RPG this whole generation. Square Enix didnt even come near with one of those RPGs they made exclusive for 360 to Lost Odyssey, great story, an awesome feeling while fighting and the soundtrack/atmosphere is blowing you away.

I would cut Halo 3 from this list, its just Halo in HD. Rather add Mass Effect.

Christopher3378d ago

Never played Halo, any of them, have no interest to ever play them. FPS in general aren't fun for me.

Race car games just aren't my thing at all.

Have played the others.

kewlkat0073378d ago (Edited 3378d ago )

Are you serious, the BEST traditional next-gen JRPG this gen. I'll let you borrow my copy if you got rid of

Great Music/Emotional Story/Turn-based FTW

One of my Favorite tracks
Epsylon Range

The Great Melon3378d ago

Shoot, you need to pick Lost Odyssey back up. If you stopped without ever hitting a dream section, your missing out on one of its defining features. I would be playing it now but just found out that my Xbox 360 can't play discs anymore. I can only play Halo 3 and disc 1 of Lost Odyssey because those are the two I installed to my HD. Really pissed me when I was starting to play Crackdown and slowly saw textures beginning to muddy up and disappear all together until it froze. Oh well, at least it still plays some games.

Name Last Name3378d ago

lol im just gonna wait till PS3 games somehow are added to this discussion 'sigh'

Jaces3378d ago

I'd replace Dead Rising with Fable and Crackdown with ME.

Megatron083378d ago

The list should of been

Mass Effect

Kameo is another one that is worth noting and Alan Wake will soon be added to the list of must have exclusives

Tarasque3378d ago

Then WTF are you doing in here then. What you was disappointed another Sony fanboy hasnt said "Well the 360 doesn't even have 5 exclusive's". Or are you just waiting for your crew to arrive with disagree's? I mean seriously why are you here?

kevnb3378d ago

Lost Odyssey was ok, but square never releases good rpgs until after the first final fantasy of the generation... they put all of their resources into it and then build other games of its engine.

kevnb3378d ago

we cant even call mass effect or gears of war exclusive, gears of war 2 is exclusive for now though.

LazyDevs3378d ago


OK,OK, play it on the 360 or play it on the windows based PC. Pretty much MS exclusive.

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KionicWarlord2223378d ago

Good list...I would have pick some more over others.


Craackdown ftw!

and Crackdown2 ftw.

DelbertGrady3378d ago

I'd like to see Banjo: Nuts & Bolts on the list. Highly underrated game.

Arnon3378d ago

Agreed. And I think there's more than just 5 games.

Halo 3
Gears of War
Mass Effect
Fable 2
Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts
Lost Odyssey
Dead Rising
Forza Motorsport
Left 4 Dead

Awesome Fool3378d ago

@SpoonRedMage - Lost Odessey very nearly made the list, it was that or Forza 2 and Forza 2 was chosen in the end, due to the sheer depth of the game and Lost Odessey is barely worth a second play through imo apart from showing others awesome scenes within the game lol.

@Murderdolls - LO is fantastic and you should definitely give it another go, it's good at pulling on the heart strings!

@KionicWarlord222 - Out of interest, what would you of put in over others?

KionicWarlord2223378d ago

If i could "add" some. I would put dead or alive 4 and fable list.

ShabzS3378d ago (Edited 3378d ago )

I've played it 3 times with 3 different endings .. it never gets old ...

Jack Klugman3378d ago

so many great great games! Man I love this system!

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