MGS4 becomes "Greatest Hits" but where is MGS 4: "Sub-..."?

Keith @ writes:

"Last years summer blockbuster for the PS3, "Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots" is now part of the "Greatest Hits" collection. But the problem here is that it doesn't add anything new to the game at all, except a red box.

My point is that every past Metal Gear game has been rehashed with loads of new content in its newly titled, "MGS: Sub-…", so why hasn't this been done with the latest entry?"

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Skyyo3074d ago

its availbale via dlc maybe...

jammy_703074d ago

cuz not only will they improve on the game and content... its sure to have trophies.. =DDD

gamesmaster3074d ago

i wish there was one, but honestly.. I'm happy kojima productions are moving on with rising and castlevania, not to mention peace walker. do you not think they have there hands full already?

ThanatosDMC3074d ago

I want to be able to watch the whole MGS4 cinematics with slowmo and rewind and etc. I dont care if it's a 10gb install or whatever.

callahan093074d ago

Yeah, I was about to say that the "Sub-" releases were BEFORE the advent of DLC. With DLC, there's not really a reason to do that anymore.

ia_studio3074d ago

you cannot improve perfection,
you can only add trophies to it kojima hurry the faq up

mfwahwah3073d ago


Perfection does not exist. Besides, Kojima can out do himself. He always has so far, so why would 4 be the end of the line for his genius?

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qface643074d ago

yeah i don't see a subsitance coming out for MGS4 EVER
since konami can just make it DLC and charge you for it

qface643074d ago

it is when its worth it but now a days they charge people for something that should be free

Batzi3074d ago

I'd rather have a physical copy of the "sub" version of MGS4.

Fulensenca3074d ago

I totally agree.

This masterpiece deserves physical support.
I would be happy to buy Metal Gear Sold 4 Subsistance.

PirateThom3074d ago

As would I, I like the rereleases. They always added a lot of content and, the lack of hard drives as standard, made it impossible to deliver it any other way but, best I can tell, they have no intention of going the Sub or DLC route. MGS4, as it stands, is the finished article and MGO has taken the focus for money, maybe because they don't want to offer DLC over PSN rather than their own service.

theEnemy3074d ago

I just hope Kojima Productions/Konami will release a sub- just like on MGS3, ya know, the theater mode.

sedx3074d ago

MGS rising will be the DLC for mgs4 ...

Tsalagi3074d ago

I doubt there will be a subsistence version of MGS4. Just give us the option to install the entire game all at once and i'll be happy.

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