Koku Gamer: Prototype Review

Koku Gamer writes: "The first time I ever saw Prototype was as the cover story to Game Informer's August 2007 issue. An open-world superhuman game with bloody as hell action, a story full of conspiracy, awesome powers, and a style that seemed to indicate Crackdown meets Grand Theft Auto easily had me hooked from the get-go. In the two years that I waited for it, complete with all sorts of delays, it became my most anticipated game of 2009. But as I found in those two years, my most anticipated game is never my favorite game of the year. So now with Prototype finally out, is it good enough to be the exception? And for those who have wanted to play it as long as I have, was the wait worth it?"

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Wonderfulwest3166d ago

pure fun if you like your superhero films and games this one is for you. i love sprinting up the side of the building

Ziriux3166d ago

You know this makes me think that we might see sequels to this game, I just feel like Activison will try milking this too to improve by each release.

gamesR4fun3166d ago (Edited 3166d ago )

it was fun spent bout 30h tried all the side missions got 90% of the web opened n tried hard mode (no real draw jus slightly stronger enemies) not a bad buy for 30 bucks n a trade in but dont see playing it again graphics are too old school n the ai's pure weaksauce. Gonna trade it for red faction today.
def not a 9/10 game imo maybe a 7 rent it n you can finish the story in less than 15/h webs cool tho the boss fights r really weak
ps once you can jack helicopters go find infected water towers (use infectes vision or jus lock on ta find em) kill em to rack up massive evolution points..

DeadlyDevil3166d ago

I hated this game... 9/10 seems to be cutting it fair >_> i say 2/10!

Elven63166d ago

It has its issues but I wouldn't go that far!

Ziriux3166d ago

Well you're a PC gamer these types of games do not entertain you. :)

Icemael3166d ago

I'm planning to pick this up when the price drops. Seems I won't be disappointed.

ChampIDC3166d ago

It's not a long game, but you'll most likely enjoy your time with it when you pick it up. Definitely a good game to get at a cheaper price.

Ziriux3166d ago

Yea I'm definitely going to wait until the game is a $30 game. Or I'll be getting it from Activision either way, can't wait.

Reibooi3166d ago

After trying Infamous and being somewhat letdown by the hype(Don't get me wrong I loved the game it was great i just don't see why everyone is going nuts over it.) I Have been really interested in trying out prototype. I loved the teams last game Hulk Ultimate Destruction and from what i have read this just takes it all to the next level and more so I can't wait to give it a shot.

Ziriux3166d ago

I loved inFamous and crack down as well as GTA IV I'm sure that Prototype is just as good as all three in it's own way.

DelbertGrady3166d ago

It isn't. If you liked all those games you should get Red Faction: Guerilla. One of the best games (and most technically impressive) I've played this gen.

Highatus3166d ago

I agree Soda Red Faction: Guerilla is fantastic and picking apart buildings is deeply satisfying.

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