GTA IV: Full readable scans from the Game Informer

Jump to see, and read, some information from the most expected game of 2007.

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Legionaire20053900d ago

Can't wait until October 16th when this game hit the streets. Crowded like Halo 2 in 2004. I'm buying it for Xbox 360, which has exclusive content. Rockstar is not giving PS3 exclusive content at all? I find that odd, because PS3 has Blue Ray with loads of space.

Vadim3900d ago

TO Legionaire2005: Dude dont tell me that Rockstar is making exclusive content for 360 only. Thats bull. They have comfirmed that they are doing the same for ps3, there will be exclusive content too. Dont beleive me see for yourself:
An article from this site.

Chris_GTR13900d ago

ps3 owners got owned. from gta being a ps2 exclusive to now getting the cheaper version on the ps3... thats gotta suck.

ER1X3900d ago

On turning this into another flame war.

Get a life.

IPlayGames3900d ago

Each console will have there own exclusive content. With all the HiRes Vids how much extra stuff can they put on the 360 ver???

RJ20003900d ago

It will probably be overpriced BS that is useless and overpriced. (exclusive content) but yes i am jealous...

power of Green 3900d ago (Edited 3900d ago )

Thats not how it works parts of the game are stored on the HDD are you sure you own a Next-gen console?. 120 giger will be nice; too bad The PS3 will not allow too much at any given time; graphiclly! (MEMORY-use).

n4g sucks3899d ago

what if you own a core 360???? no hd means loading....................... ............

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The story is too old to be commented.