F1 2010 - First Screenshots

TheSixthAxis has the first screens from the new F1 game.

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Bordel_19003311d ago


This is just concept art.

BadKarmaSutra963311d ago

I saw a few screenshots of the game the other day (I think they were old) and the graphics looked more like Pole Position than Grid.

PirateThom3311d ago

That was the Wii version, I think.

crillyconlig3311d ago

this game could be potentually very inaccurate if the teams do leave F1 and set up there own series

Bordel_19003311d ago

Actually I hope many of the teams break out. I dislike that Max Mosley gangster a lot.

tomdrum63311d ago

yeh dont expect to see any ferraris or mclarens in it xD

apparently 2 of the new teams would jon the FOTA championship aswell

NaViTo3311d ago

This concepts looks very good, promising.

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