Why Call of Duty 4 Is Still King

How Call of Duty 4 is still better than any other PS3 FPS.

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DragonWarrior_43319d ago

What the hell is P8I? some blog? I agree that COD4 is king, but to act like its light years ahead of everything else is pure BS. If Killzone 2 had COD type of controls it would be king.

qface643319d ago

i don't agree its king
that's honestly all about personal opinion and in my opinion COD4 isn't the king

chaosatom3319d ago

But there is still a lot to be improved upon.

Snake Raiser3319d ago

I don't think that COD4 is king. Like another guy said, it is just your opinion. However articles like this get approved every day. We would be hypocrites to say that this article is so bad all of a sudden just because we disagree with it.

GWAVE3319d ago

Heh, I didn't even think CoD4 was "king" when it really WAS king back when it came out (TeamFortress 2 and Unreal Tourney III for me, at the time).

But I digress. CoD4 is a certain sort of game. It's just as easy to say that Resistance 2 or Killzone 2 are the "kings" of PS3 FPSs for very similar reasons the author listed.

yoghurt3319d ago

If Killzone 2 had controls like COD, then it wouldn't be Killzone 2, and it wouldn't be as good. Killzone 2's controls are aimed at realism, COD feels very unrealistic after playing KZ.

IdleLeeSiuLung3319d ago

If you are looking for realism, then maybe KZ2 is your cup of tea and probaly so are simulators (which I think personally in most cases are boring). I just went back to playing CoD4 last night and my memory came back from how good this game was. Personally I prefer fun over realism.

Halo 3 is as unrealistic as it gets, but it is darn fun!

KZ2 in my opinion doesn't hold a candle to CoD4 other than in the graphics department.

ape0073318d ago (Edited 3318d ago )

but still imo cod4 is the king this gen

halo 3 was good but not as amazing as halo 1 or 2

Halo odst looks really fun,can't wait odst and mw2



The Xbox Empire3318d ago

On Xbox Live, Halo 3 has been King for a long time now...but COD4 had a good run.

Timesplitter143318d ago (Edited 3318d ago )

I think COD4 is the king of bland generic military shooters for 14 years olds.

In other words, I'm about to report this as lame.

Cry me a river :)

MAR-TYR-DOM3318d ago

killzone overall is better than cod4 (overall presentation)
Resistance 2 offers more depth in Online than COD4 or KZ2

but.... what brings people to games is the gameplay, and cod4 has some amazing addicting gameplay the fact it was really the only good MP game of 07 for ps3, it got a lot of ppl hooked like me now i cant really play another online game more than cod except for uncharted 2 beta :)

ALL_STAR_283318d ago

In terms of sales? cause that's the only thing it's king in BF:BC kills it in gameplay

Megaton3318d ago

Well it's certainly in the royal family, but king will change based on who you ask.

Kleptic3318d ago

Killzone 2 for me...Cod 4 was and still is great...but killzone 2 simply takes it with ease imo...people still complain about the controls...whatever...they never bothered me, and now they have that 'precision' option that makes it much closer to CoD 4 you have the option for which you prefer...

but no multiplayer game this generation can match the intensity in killzone 2 imo...medium sized maps with 24-32 players are just absolute chaos...but in a good cheap grenades, no cheap perks (assuming the server creator did the default removal of rocket launchers)...and they finally nerfed the assault class enough to make it acceptable...

no going prone and sniping with an LMG from across the real way to camp at all lobbing a grenade over a building because you know where the enemy will spawn at the beginning of the where near the connection errors...far superior visuals...and much better community support and features...

killzone 2 is easily the multiplayer game of this generation so far imo...but I knows its not as popular as cod 4, and won't be as much as MW2...but each their own...i've put tons of hours into both games, and killzone 2 is definitely that one that has me hooked...

menoyou3318d ago

Oh please, COD4 just looks like a last gen game compared to Killzone 2. I can't even play anymore twitch shooters like COD4 or Halo or anything after playing Killzone 2. They feel so old fashioned and boring. Killzone 2 raised the bar ridiculously high. It's a shame that it didn't have hundreds of millions of dollars in marketing behind it so it could become the next Halo.

Boody-Bandit3318d ago (Edited 3318d ago )

The reason I am asking is because I don't see anyone mentioning just how silly, immature and poorly written it was.

This guy, and that is a stretch because he sounds like a kid, is voicing his opinion on what's the best FPS game yet he has never played an Unreal game before UT3. He goes on to say how it's a fast twitch game where he got sniped by rocket launchers? I mean come on! Anyone that has played Unreal knows how silly that statement is.

Or how about his "I crawled made my way back to Activision, like Heather will to Paul when she realizes that he has all her false legs." <-- WTF does that poorly written sentence have to do with anything?

I hate to use this term but seriously this person, again I don't want to say guy because he sounds like a kid, sounds like a noob to shooters in general.

Why are people arguing over this article when it was written by a person that has little to no experience with shooters? He sounds like he just starting gaming this generation. Seriously how does blog articles this low in quality and content get approved?

Daniel if you are going to take a serious run at bloging your opinion? At the very least learn to proof read what you have written before posting it. Oh and more content and less stupid jokes. Pick a topic gaming or comedy? IMHO you failed at both with this piece.

iamtehpwn3318d ago

when I play online for 360, I go halo 3.
When I play online for PS3, I go Killzone 2.

CoD4 had a good run, but uhm. No.

Headshot813318d ago

usually the "Unknown" webpages like these tend to bash on the ps3?? How the [email protected] does your page get to N4G without getting your name out first and EARN your credibility? , what is it about him that would make him think that i want to hear his opinion?, because i could start my own blog (if you N4g will post it here),and I write some crazy sh!t compare to this trash!!!!

Prototype3318d ago

This is completely personal opinion:

CoD4: Very high story replay, very easy to connect/play with other people online, and has a very realistic story that actually made me think of certain things in real life

KillZone 2: An online simulation to prepare for online, very challenging final level, a big ending climax to lead to a 3rd game (Which I would buy), made use of the Six Axis in ways that made the game more fun

Both have a ranking system for online, both have a story I'd play over and over without getting bored, both have their own separate way of displaying how the game is seen (CoD has realistic people and KillZone uses an ingame Engine). They are both winners in my book, its all based on what your looking for in an FPS.

Boody-Bandit3318d ago (Edited 3318d ago )

ignore this message.
It didn't go where it was intended.

Chrisny853318d ago

cod4 ftw

all though if css was on ps3 i think i might have to say its king

Jaces3318d ago

Simple's multiplat.

Annnd, it's crazy addicting and fun. hehe...

KZ2 though was very good, just needed some touch ups on multiplayer to make it that much better.

SolidAhmed3318d ago

i agree about the controls

prunchess3318d ago

If you go to controls in the option menu and switch the controls configuration to 'Alternate 2' they are identical to COD MW.

I've been playing it like this since the KZ2 was released. After playing MW for so long, I just find this control setup more natural.

ChozenWoan3318d ago

I played CoD4 due to everyone else playing it. It's good and fast paced but not "twitch" fast (although still arcady). Then I got Socom:C, it's more suspenseful and slow paced, but very tactical and sophisticated. Then I got KZ2, it's right in between CoD4 and Socom, perfect pacing with lots of tactics.

The only people who couldn't get into KZ are those who want to rambo a match and hope their team wins, or who didn't take the time to check all of the control options available. I actually like KZ2's default controls the best... even more so before they dumbed it down for the kiddies.

On top of that, KZ2 and Socom's server support is head and shoulders above CoD4's. No random hosts ending games just as they begin. Rarely any lag, even in the midst of a base raping (possible only in KZ2). More mature gamers and more headsets in KZ2/Socom which really makes it so much more enjoyable. CoD4 may have the numbers, but king it is not... besides MAG is on the way to prove who the real king is.

orange-skittle3317d ago

It is King. I haven't played in over 6 months but I still agree that it is phenominal. KZ2 is not even close. Even with the good particle effects of KZ2, it's still some sh*t.

You die way too fast, the controls are not responsive, the dull textures are hidden by a grainy effect and motion blurr, it's not HD, you can't customize your weapons, no perks,

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KionicWarlord2223319d ago

"better than any other PS3 FPS"

wow...people just want to start a fight.

chaosatom3319d ago

The good thing is that ps3 owners can play them all!

badz1493318d ago

hahaha....maybe the king of arcade FPS! I admit that it's a great game but king? that's a big NO and BOOO!!

JaPo3318d ago

Most rational people can agree that COD4 is more enjoyable than KZ2.

All rational people will agree the MP is better.

Many rational people will agree the SP is better.

O my brothers, I have no reason to defend or attack any game. I've completed both but, put simply, one provided far more enjoyment than the other. As I'm merely re-iterating, COD4 MP is as close to perfect as I've ever experienced. The SP is short but ridiculously sweet. KZ2 craving period = a week. COD4 craving period = a year.

How many people are playing each game these days? I wonder if all of the PS3 bratchnys are even playing KZ2 anymore, for they seem to spend the majority of their time controlling 'Agree/Disagree' ratios on N4G.

byeGollum3319d ago

Why "PS3" FPS? Have they forgotten that COD4 is on PS3 also?
We Didn't click the link cause the site does not deserve a hit from us =D

Kratos193319d ago

What crap. Killzone 2 and Halo 3 destroy Call of Deja vu 4.

Ravage273318d ago

but KZ2 dethroned it 4 months ago. Sure that's just my opinion, but i don't go around creating flamebait threads to push my opinion onto others. Article reported as lame.

JaPo3318d ago

What on earth do you mean 'Call of Deja vu 4'? I've never heard that one before. Probably because it's terrible, and completely inaccurate.

One of your claims has perhaps an iota of grounding. But KZ2? Come on brother. That game's 'untouchable' honeymoon period ended a long time ago. You just have to look at the player counts.

ugly13319d ago

Not really flamebait. He's just expressing his feelings on why he likes COD4, as a PS3 owner.

xabmol3319d ago

You might wanna buckle up before the spin begins.