WorthPlaying: Scribblenauts Preview

WorthPlaying writes: "Scribblenauts is shaping up to be a must-have title for any DS gamer, regardless of age or playing ability. Its innovation is impressive and respectable, but most importantly, it was just plain fun. Of all the games on the showroom floor, it was the one that I most wanted more time with. The ability to create whatever my mind could fathom was surprisingly addictive, and the in-game dictionary is large and varied. The game is solid and fun, and there seems to be an almost infinite number of ways to solve any problem that the game tosses at you. Scribblenauts might be worthwhile just for its ability to create ridiculous and hilarious situations. It might be a simple-looking 2-D DS title, but Scribblenauts is up there with the best at this year's E3".

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xabmol3377d ago

Well, maybe not just for this game, but it is the one to finnally push me to buy one.

Can't wait!! :D

killyourfm3377d ago

The first DS title that compelled me to finally purchase the system was The World Ends With You. THIS probably would be a close 2nd. Great review, by the way.

I found you guys a few months back originally via metacritic and have been reading/lurking since.