New Mega Man game announced

Capcom was present at the World Hobby Fair which has been taking place over the weekend and announced a new Mega Man title.

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Smacktard3313d ago

I was gonna "HELL YEAR!" until I noted that it wasn't Mega Man 10 or Mega Man X9. Just another boring spin-off.

knox3313d ago

wait what, i know its not mega man 10 but the battle network games are awesome........i think this could be good, might as well give it a chance

STONEY43313d ago

Battle Network... I loved those when I was a kid... but now I'm not sure if I would like them.

Cheeseknight283313d ago

As a kid? The series isn't even 8 years old. There is no "nostalgia factor" here.

qface643313d ago

battle network the new ones at that =|

ThanatosDMC3313d ago

Boo... it's not Megaman Legends 3.... now im sad.

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DragonWarrior_43313d ago

A next gen megaman?! <faints>

DragonWarrior_43313d ago

what is battle network? Is that multiplayer? That would be cool no?

Cheeseknight283313d ago

It's nothing like normal Mega Man. It's more of an RPG, with random battles and collectable chips to use in battle.

I'll admit, the originals were fun but after 3 it just went downhill. 6 wasn't terrible though.

xabmol3313d ago

Think Pokemon meets Yugioh with a Megaman sticker over everything.

TheReaper423312d ago

i'm waiting for the new yugioh.. it should be pretty damn good since the camera can scan your cards.

Cheeseknight283313d ago

I got excited, until I saw it was yet another Battle Network/Star Force game. Ugh.

How many is that now? Let's see...

Battle Network
Battle Network 2
Battle Network 3 Blue + White
Battle Network 4 Red + Blue
Battle Network 5 Protoman + Colonel
Battle Network 6 Gregar + Falzer
Battle Network Network Transmission (Gamecube spinoff. A bad one at that)
Battle Chip Challenge (Another bad spinoff, but this one still on GBA)

Star Force Leo + Dragon + Pegasus
Star Force 2 Ninja + Saurian
Star Force 3 Black + Red

And now this. Can this series please just give it a rest? I think 19 games in 7.5 years is enough!

SpoonyRedMage3313d ago

Wow and people say Halo is milked!:|

The Great Melon3313d ago

Never realized there were that many. Bought some of the originals back when they were on the GBA. I was hoping for a classic Megaman game, but was delightful surprised that the games were really fun back then.

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The story is too old to be commented.