InFamous is "Leaning on Sly" Only the Games Review

Only the Games writes:"But rather than a Frankenstein assemblage of latterly sandbox heroes, inFamous' design hinges on the underpinnings of its developer's past. Granted, after years of reiterating Sly Cooper, developer Sucker Punch has sustained a legacy of crafting familiar platformers with a simple edge: controlling a character with distinctive grace and ease."

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JeanPool3170d ago

Leave it to Sucker Punch. Wish they'd skip Sly 4 and get working on a sequel to this.

Stoneroses63003170d ago

Don't really know how they'd modernize Sly... isn't that just Infamous?

tinydancer3170d ago

Maybe Cole is a modern Sly, but the whole game? That's some lulz.

Freak of Nature3170d ago

I miss SLY and it's quirky stylish World and characters...Caricature based platforming with stealth and action,puzzle solving,creative designs,and innovative contraptions/gadgets...

I wish they would pull off an Insomniac,and create both!

The only thing's Infamous has to compare to SLY is that it's from Suckerpunch studio's,and both games are controlling a character with distinctive grace and ease.

Bring back SLY!!!

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MountainMaverick3170d ago

Morality systems are pretty stupid, at least the game is great.

PrimordialSoupBase3170d ago

Only game that ever did that well is Kotor. In Infamous, once you pick a path why the hell would you break it? Every subsequent "choice" then isn't a choice at all.

Tasering people's faces is where this game's at.

sonarus3170d ago

I agree the morality system is really stupid but things like morality hardly ever work in a game due to balance. Its hard to balance the good side and the bad side. I give them a lot of credit for making the game as fun to play on evil as it is to play on good

Stoneroses63003170d ago

Yeah, if nothing else it's an excuse to go back in and run around for a second time.

PrimordialSoupBase3170d ago

Leaning on Sly? Definitely leans more on Crackdown.

YogiBear3170d ago

Ahh yes Crackdown. Or as I like to call it the Halo 3 online beta conduit.

hombrehambre3170d ago

And Crackhead Down leans on GTA 1. You could go on and on like that.

Metal Gear Solid leans on Pong.

cheese3170d ago

"Ahh yes Crackdown. Or as I like to call it the Halo 3 online beta conduit."

Welcome to 2007's joke... before anyone had played Crackdown.

PotNoodle3170d ago

Am i the only one who thought crackdown was crap? :|

Arnon3170d ago (Edited 3170d ago )

If Crackdown is garbage, then inFAMOUS is in the dump. Because I can tell you for a fact that I've had a hell of a lot more fun on Crackdown than I have on inFAMOUS.

I'd rather have a massive world with an amazing co-op feature rather than a massive world where I'm taken upon a linear cliche story path.

Traversing the city, collecting stuff, etc. is just a lot more entertaining in Crackdown. The fact that I have to constantly click L3 is just dumb.

Nateh8sYou3170d ago

I love inFAMOUS so would I like Crackdown?

YogiBear3170d ago

I played crackdown and believe me it's still a funny joke.

onanie3170d ago

LOL at pong commment. How true it is - the father of all games, unless i'm mistaken :)

Most games draw inspiration from each other, really.

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dagreylion3170d ago

Its InFamous and just that, not Sly or anything else. It's sad that a good game comes out and scores well in review and someone searches for a weak comparison or some way to bash it.

MountainMaverick3170d ago

What are you even saying? The only way we can understand the quality of a subject is through comparison. And even more to the point, the only way that videogames are made everyday is that there's a pool of inspiration that they draw on.

If inFamous is just inFamous, then don't even bother calling it by its name... it'd just be "videogame" - the one and only.

asyouburn3170d ago (Edited 3170d ago )

Back when it was announced, i was super excited for it, with the progressive skills and what not, but then it came out, and was like 6 hrs long. meh. i hope crackdown 2 is longer

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